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Proactively Cope with the Waste Charging Policy: Delighted Treasure Group Provides Well-suited Solutions

HONG KONG SAR  26 January 2024 – With the Hong Kong government announcing the official implementation of the Municipal Solid Waste Charging (MSW Charging) policy starting from August 1st of this year, waste disposal across all sectors in Hong Kong will be charged based on the “polluter-pays” principle. Delighted Treasure Group Company Limited (referred to as “Delighted Treasure” or the “Company”) has long been actively responding to government policies with its environmentally-friendly regeneration and recycling concept. The Delighted Treasure team has brainstormed and combined past experiences while considering the needs of residents. They have planned to provide convenient and appropriate solutions for citizens.

Ms Katy, the founder of Delighted Treasure Group
Ms Katy, the founder of Delighted Treasure Group

Most citizens will need to purchase designated garbage bags to dispose of their waste, with plastic bags costing HK$0.11 per litre, while large-sized garbage and furniture require a uniform HK$11 “designated label.” It is estimated that a three to four-person household will incur monthly waste disposal expenses of around HK$30 to HK$50. This policy has sparked discussions among citizens, who are contemplating how to effectively and economically deal with large-scale waste such as discarded furniture and appliances.

With the aim to provide the most down-to-earth and convenient solutions that cater to the living conditions of Hong Kong residents. Whether it is large furniture or home appliances, Delighted Treasure can handle them on-site. The Company’s professional team will comprehensively assess the discarded furniture. For items in good condition, they can arrange for repairs to ensure that these items can be reused, thereby reducing unnecessary resource waste. For recycled second-hand furniture, the Delighted Treasure team will perform thorough inspections, cleaning, and necessary refurbishments before reselling them at preferential prices or donating them to needy people.

The MSW Charging policy aims to reduce solid waste generation, encourage waste reduction, and raise environmental awareness among citizens. However, dealing with large-scale waste furniture and appliances remains a significant challenge for most people. These items cannot be disposed of in regular trash bins and often require additional workforce and resources for proper handling.

Ms Katy, the founder of Delighted Treasure, stated, ” ‘Environmental regeneration · Turning the used into treasures · Avoiding waste’ have always been the core principles of our business. The Company is committed to recycling and reusing high-quality furniture that meets standards. In addition to helping reduce the consumption of natural resources, we also aim to minimise the negative impact of furniture disposal on the environment. Our efforts are to comply with government policies and, more importantly, provide ideas and assistance to those troubled by waste disposal and contribute to community environmental protection. Second-hand furniture not only reduces the economic and life burden on citizens but also promotes sustainable development. Providing affordable purchasing options for the public and gaining multiple benefits with a single action.”

Delighted Treasure specialises in recycling, refurbishing, cleaning, and reselling second-hand furniture. They also offer brand-new and customised furniture to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Their comprehensive product range includes sofas, desks, modular cabinets, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, single beds, double beds, mattresses, and bedding, among others. Delighted Treasure can provide customised solutions for various application scenarios for households, offices, or schools.


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