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NEFIN’s Energy Storage Project in Nanjing Park of Bosch Automotive Aftersales Division Was Successfully Connected to The Grid

NANJING, CHINA  25 January 2024 – On January 23, 2024, the inauguration ceremony of NEFIN’s first energy storage project in Nanjing was held at the Nanjing Campus of Bosch Automotive Aftersales Division. The event showcased the successful grid connection of the project and was graced by Mr. Tang Wei, Deputy Director of Nanjing Economic & Technological Development Zone, Mr. Marco Morea, Plant Manager of NjP1, Mr. Rainer Osswald, BMS of Bosch GR, Mr Glenn Lim, CEO of NEFIN, Mr Chong Bor Hung, MD of NEFIN SEA and Head of Business Development, and delegates from Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service Group Co., Ltd.

NEFIN's Energy Storage Project in Nanjing Park of Bosch Automotive Aftersales Division Was Successfully Connected to The Grid

The Bosch Automotive Aftersales Nanjing Park Energy Storage Project (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”) stands as a flagship initiative for NEFIN in the field of green energy. NEFIN is committed to furthering collaborations with the world’s top 100 companies in green energy initiatives and views this important milestone as a model for future projects.

The Project boasts a substantial installed capacity of 2MW/4MWh, enabling daily electricity savings of 8,000 kWh for customers and a reduction in overall electricity consumption costs. Additionally, the Project also works with the customer’s existing photovoltaic power station, enhancing the efficiency of the photovoltaic system and increase the proportion of green electricity within the factory. NEFIN plans to delve into the practical application disparities between liquid cooling and air cooling technologies, advancing research on energy storage technology efficiency and championing the green and low-carbon transformation for customers.

With the increasing importance of environmental protection, the adoption of energy storage technology has emerged as a pivotal driver for clean energy development. Recognizing this, NEFIN positions itself at the forefront of the new energy industry’s evolution and aligns its efforts with China’s dual carbon goal. Rooted in a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality for its customers, NEFIN tailors bespoke carbon neutrality solutions based on the specific operational needs of its clients. Upholding rigorous standards and a dedication to excellence, NEFIN remains steadfast in its pursuit of a sustainable and green future.