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Gleneagles Hospital Johor Spearheads Initiative For A Cervical Cancer-Free World


1,500 Women in Johor’s Underprivileged Communities to Benefit from Screening and Awareness Campaign

ISKANDAR PUTERI, MALAYSIA  25 January 2024 – Gleneagles Hospital Johor (GHJ) has launched a key campaign coinciding with the Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, signaling a significant move towards sustainable healthcare. Collaborating with ROSE Foundation, an NGO established with a mission to eliminate cervical cancer in Malaysia, this initiative focuses on providing cervical cancer screening and raising awareness among disadvantaged women in Johor. This effort reflects GHJ’s active approach to preventive healthcare, directly addressing, the third most common cancer in the country.

YB Ling Tian Soon (centre) witnesses Gleneagles Hospital Johor and ROSE Foundation's Cervical Cancer Awareness MOU signing, a pivotal step towards enhanced screenings and healthcare education.
YB Ling Tian Soon (centre) witnesses Gleneagles Hospital Johor and ROSE Foundation’s Cervical Cancer Awareness MOU signing, a pivotal step towards enhanced screenings and healthcare education.

The campaign, officially unveiled at a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing event entitled “Paving Towards A World Free From Cervical Cancer”, was officiated by the Johor Health and Unity Committee Chairman, YB Ling Tian Soon.

Through the agreement with the ROSE Foundation, GHJ pledges to provide cervical cancer screenings for around 1,500 women in Johor, supporting the year-long ‘Program ROSE.’ This collaborative effort not only emphasizes GHJ’s dedication to early detection and preventive strategies, which are vital in decreasing cervical cancer mortality rates, but also enhances public awareness about this often neglected health issue.

‘Program ROSE’, developed by the ROSE Foundation, offers a less invasive and more accessible self-testing alternative to traditional Pap smear tests. Since its inception in 2019, the program has screened 26,000 women across 12 states, benefiting more than 200 communities. This partnership reflects a significant stride in making health screenings more approachable and widespread, particularly in underserved areas.

During his opening address, Dr. Kamal Amzan, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Johor and Regional CEO (Southern and Eastern) of IHH Malaysia, highlighted the hospital’s mission to empower and educate women in Johor. “This collaboration signifies a collective commitment to a health-conscious, well-informed society free from the burden of cancer. The signing of the MOU symbolizes the first step in our endeavour to provide empathetic and equitable healthcare, reaching out to those who need it most,” he stated.

Dr. Kamal also shared that the hospital would provide HPV vaccinations for all its eligible staff, making Gleneagles Hospital Johor the first in the nation to offer such a benefit. He emphasized the hospital’s unwavering commitment to sustainable healthcare and comprehensive disease eradication, with the aim to inspire other NGOs to unite in the fight against cervical cancer in Johor and beyond.

YB Ling Tian Soon commended this joint effort, noting that the hospital’s commitment and contribution are reflective of their dedication to elevating healthcare standards. “By reaching out to the underprivileged and marginalised, GHJ exemplifies the true essence of social responsibility, making healthcare accessible to everyone.” he said.

After the officiation and signing, the event led to a Cervical Cancer and Prevention Awareness Forum, bringing together leading experts in women’s health, including ROSE Foundation Chairman Professor Dato’ Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman and women’s health expert Professor Dr. Jamiyah Hassan.

The forum fostered meaningful discussion and raised awareness on cervical cancer. Topics included common misconceptions, HPV vaccination, and preventive methods, providing an informative and engaging experience for all participants.


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