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Veeva Pulse Shows Doctors Opening Up Two-Way Communications Doubles Digital Engagement


Digital channels are emerging as the preferred method for engagement with field teams in Asia

SINGAPORE 23 January 2024 – Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) has published its latest analysis from the Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report, with global data showing the impact of two-way, digital communication channels on field engagement. Findings reveal that access to compliant chat expands the engagement channel mix, more than doubling digital touchpoints with healthcare professionals (HCPs) while maintaining or increasing in-person meetings.

The report shows face-to-face engagements with HCPs have increased by 20% in Asia Pacific from the same time a year before while maintaining steady open and click rates on email interactions. This illustrates increased higher-quality engagement with HCPs through both digital and in-person channels.

Global Veeva Pulse data has also shown the value of compliant chat in facilitating more meaningful engagement with HCPs starting 30% of conversations with field teams. Often sent in the moment of need, compliant chats gain a rapid response from field teams in less than five minutes. This two-way communication delivers on HCP requests in real-time, creating the foundation for a service-focused engagement model that improves access and efficiency.

“To communicate effectively across digital channels, you need to focus on responsiveness, adding value with the ability to give customers what they need, exactly when they need it,” says Dave Yates, global product director, GSK. “Having the insights and two-way communication capabilities to meet, connect, and share has given us a foundation for thinking about digital engagement on a whole new level.”

In Asia, Veeva Pulse data shows that the region relies heavily on the use of Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM) in meetings, and digital tools such as video, chat and text. Veeva CLM is an add-on application enabling users to easily search and present content while automatically capturing key metrics and recording in CRM.

  • Asia Pacific relies heavily on its use of CLM in meetings. 40% of in-person meetings with HCPs in Asia Pacific involve the use of CLM, as compared to 35% in the US and 25% in Europe. At 85%, the use of CLM in Veeva Engage compliant video meetings remains the preferred supplementary channel when engaging with HCPs.
  • Channel mix remains diverse across markets in Asia with digital tools emerging as dominant methods of HCP engagement. Video, chat and text continue to grow in preference in Southeast Asia, India, and South Korea with more reps leveraging such channels.

“Continuing to meet the individual needs of HCPs through real-time digital touchpoints, CLM content, and the right channel mix will be critical in building more meaningful relationships with field teams,” said Shafi Hussain, Veeva Asia business consulting lead. “Understanding the unique demands of HCPs in a region as diverse as Asia can create more opportunities for effective interactions, driving field success in a competitive landscape.”

Veeva Pulse shows that two-way communication channels increase the quality of HCP interactions:

  • Inbound channels help to double digital engagement. The average global engagement channel mix is 78% in-person and 22% digital. However, biopharmas that add inbound channels, like compliant chat, expand their mix to 42% in-person and 58% digital. This more than doubles digital touchpoints while keeping the volume of in-person exchanges the same or better.
Traditional Engagement vs Service-Focused Engagement
  • HCPs start 30% of conversations with an inbound channel. When sending messages via compliant chat, HCPs are shown to get a response from field teams in less than five minutes — such as sending requested content and samples or scheduling a meeting. Compliant chat has clear advantages for HCPs over text or stand-alone chat apps that have compliance risks and disconnected data.
Compliant Chat Drives More Real-Time Interactions


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