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THXNET. Launches THXCONNECT: A Revolutionary Mobile App for Blockchain Developers

TOKYO, JAPAN  22 January 2024 – In an industry where innovation is paramount, THXNET. proudly announces the launch of its ground-breaking mobile app, THXCONNECT. As a leader in hybrid blockchain infrastructure, THXNET. has developed THXCONNECT, a super-app to be the quintessential platform for blockchain developers, offering an unprecedented suite of resources and tools at their fingertips.


THXNET is a leader in hybrid blockchain infrastructure, dedicated to driving innovation in the blockchain space. With a focus on building a robust ecosystem for developers, THXNET is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that streamline the development process and advance the blockchain industry.

Curated Tools at Your Fingertips”

Understanding the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, THXCONNECT emerges as a one-stop hub for development tools. This app aggregates a wide range of essential resources from smart contract libraries to security audit tools, streamlining the development process. By consolidating these resources, THXCONNECT eliminates the complexity and time-consuming task of navigating through disparate resources.

Being a one-stop platform for developer resources, THXNET. allows easy workflow, communication stream and exploration of THXNET.’s infrastructure making the entire ecosystem safe, secure, reliable and speedy for developers.

Fostering a Thriving Developer Community
Beyond being a mere repository of tools, THXCONNECT is poised to be a vibrant community for developers. In the competitive world of blockchain development, finding and nurturing talent is vital. THXCONNECT creates a collaborative space where developers can share knowledge, forge connections, and explore new possibilities. This initiative not only upskills developers but also expands the talent pool within the THXNET ecosystem.

One functionality of this is the integration of Discord Channel for developers in THXCONNECT app. Developer community can connect and chat with other developers and THXNET.’s core engineering team thru discord channel within the THXCONNECT app itself. This also makes it easier for developers to explore all the infrastructure and ecosystem offerings of THXNET. through the mobile app and proceed to group discussions, connecting or chatting with other developers all within one app, without the need to switch to other apps.


DApp integration on Discord: Sending a ‘thx!’ stamp triggers a token transfer on THXNET.. By exchanging ‘thx!’ tokens, your status within the THXNET. community will increase. As your status grows, you’ll earn rewards and enhance your credibility and influence within the THXNET. community and its DAO.


What is ‘thx!’?
It’s a token used to show gratitude. Sending a ‘thx!’ token to others increases your status in the community.

Democratizing Access to Blockchain Technology
THXNET.’s overarching goal with THXCONNECT is to democratize access to blockchain technology. Recognizing the challenges faced by developers, especially newcomers, THXCONNECT is a strategic move to bridge the existing resource gap. This platform is a testament to THXNET’s commitment to empower developers and catalyse innovation in the blockchain sector.

Joining the Revolution
THXNET. extends an invitation to developers and blockchain enthusiasts to join this revolutionary journey. THXCONNECT is not just an app; it’s the beginning of a new era in blockchain development. Through this platform, THXNET aspires to simplify the blockchain development process, foster a thriving community, and lead the charge in democratizing blockchain technology.