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BingX list Manta Network Coin as hype of Modular Blockchain, Celetia Ecosystem and Dymension catch on

SINGAPORE 18 January 2024 – BingX, a forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange known for its commitment to embracing innovative digital assets, is excited to announce the listing of Manta Network Coin. This strategic move aligns with BingX’s vision of staying ahead in the cryptocurrency market by offering access to popular and trending coins, thereby enabling investors to diversify their portfolios with cutting-edge technologies.

Manta Network Coin – A Glimpse into the Future of Modular Blockchains

Manta Network, a project at the forefront of modular blockchain technology, offers a unique blend of low fees and high scalability. Leveraging Celestia and a modified OP stack, Manta Network provides an unparalleled technical infrastructure for building and deploying zk applications and DApps. This multi-modular approach allows developers to integrate Manta’s private identity tools across various chains, including Web2 environments and mobile apps. BingX Manta Trading Pair (MANTA/USDT) is now ready for trading.

Staying Ahead with Trending Digital Assets

BingX has consistently demonstrated its ability to identify and list high-potential digital assets. The addition of Manta Network Coin to its platform is a testament to this commitment. BingX recognizes the importance of modular blockchain technology, as evidenced by its previous support for Dymension (DYM), a similar project within the Celestia Network. Dymension’s focus on RollApps and its successful funding round, which raised $6.7 million, highlights the growing interest in modular blockchain solutions.

Why Modular Blockchains Matter

Modular blockchains, like those developed by Manta Network and Dymension, represent the future of blockchain technology. They offer flexibility, scalability, and interoperability, addressing key challenges in the blockchain industry. By distributing transactional loads across multiple blockchains, these modular solutions enhance overall network performance and create a cohesive, efficient blockchain environment.
By listing Manta Network Coin, BingX not only diversifies its offerings but also provides its users with access to a pioneering technology in the blockchain space. Interested investors can also find out how to get Manta on BingX. This aligns with BingX’s mission to offer a wide range of investment opportunities in emerging and promising digital assets.