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Oryon.net Announces the Launch of OryonSentinel Service: Offering Businesses Round-the-Clock, Unmatched AI-Driven Security Solutions


Empowering businesses with military-grade security with real-time AI threat detection and unified cybersecurity across all devices

SINGAPORE 18 January 2024 – Oryon.net, the largest Singapore web hosting and domain name registration provider, is proud to announce the launch of OryonSentinel service — a revolutionary 24/7 cybersecurity guard designed to fortify your company’s defenses. With OryonSentinel, businesses benefit from military-grade prevention, detection, and response capabilities, all powered by our patented behavioral AI. This robust solution operates continuously, ensuring protection even without an internet connection.

Real-Time Threat Detection with AI

Continuous protection with AI behavioral analytics for rapid recognition of malicious actions on all internet-connected devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. When a potential threat is detected, the AI doesn’t need to check in with a central server to know what to do. It can immediately take action to quarantine the suspicious program, block a process, or even revert changes made by the malware.

Reduction of False Positives

Traditional security systems often rely on a predefined set of rules and signatures to identify threats, leading to a high number of false positives. AI can differentiate more accurately between benign and malicious behavior, reducing disruptions caused by false alarms.

Consistent Security Across Different Platforms

Cross-platform parity means that OryonSentinel offers a uniform set of features and capabilities across all supported operating systems (OS), including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. This consistency ensures that regardless of the OS, users experience the same high level of protection and functionality. This is crucial in a diverse IT environment where different systems coexist. It simplifies management, ensures all devices are equally secure, and eliminates the vulnerabilities that arise from inconsistent security policies across different platforms.

USB & Bluetooth Device and Firewall Control

OryonSentinel provides the capability to monitor and restrict the use of USB and Bluetooth devices across all platforms. This is vital as such devices can be vectors for malware or data theft. Alongside device control, OryonSentinel also offers robust firewall management to regulate incoming and outgoing network traffic. This helps in preventing unauthorized access and controlling how applications communicate over the network.

Automated Malware Remediation

Upon detecting a threat, OryonSentinel allows for instant response with a simple one-click action. This could involve removing the threat, isolating the infected device, or other remediation steps. If malware has altered or encrypted files, OryonSentinel can often revert these changes, restoring files and systems to their pre-attack state. This minimizes the damage and downtime associated with security breaches. This automated, swift response limits the impact of attacks, reduces the workload on IT staff, and helps maintain business continuity.

Unified Cybersecurity Policy

A unified cybersecurity policy means that OryonSentinel allows organizations to implement and manage security protocols consistently across the entire network. This includes control over internet-connected devices, USB and Bluetooth device usage, software installations, and website access. By managing these controls through a single policy, organizations can ensure that all devices and users adhere to the same security standards, simplifying management and enhancing overall security.

Elevate your company’s security posture with OryonSentinel – the 24/7 guard against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. With Oryon.net, experience the future of cybersecurity today.

To find out more about Oryon Networks Pte Ltd on their range of Cybersecurity, Singapore web hosting, domain name registration, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace services, do visit: https://oryon.net


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