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British Council supports new East Asia and the UK creative collaborations through the Connections Through Culture grant programme

SINGAPORE  17 January 2024 – The British Council is delighted to support 76 new projects through our Connections Through Culture grant programme 2023 – a platform fostering vibrant collaborations between artists in the United Kingdom and East Asia.The Connections Through Culture programmes has provided over £645,000 in support for artists and arts organisations from across the United Kingdom and East Asia. In this grant round, the British Council is proud to be supporting 76 innovative projects from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

The Connections Through Culture grants programme is designed to nurture fresh cultural partnerships between East Asian and the UK artists. These grants are instrumental in bringing new ideas from artists and cultural organisations to fruition at any stage of development. Projects have been supported across a variety of art forms, including film, creative technology, literature, visual arts, theatre, dance, circus, architecture, design, fashion, craft, and music.

The grants supported in this round of Connections Through Culture programme have focused on two distinct areas: diversity and inclusion and, addressing climate change. The rich array of collaborative efforts across borders and artistic disciplines will lead to new thoughts and ideas created to address global challenges.

“We’re proud to be supporting new collaborations between the United Kingdom and East Asia through our Connections Through Culture grant programme.”, said Manami Yuasa, Head of Arts, East Asia at the British Council.

“These collaborations not only exemplify the power of artistic exchange but also open doors to new and exciting opportunities for artists on an international stage. The diverse projects supported in this round showcase the dynamic collaborations that arise when minds from different corners of the globe converge, and fostering these connections leads a more interconnected and innovative global arts community.”

The British Council’s Connections Through Culture Grant Programme 2023 stands as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to cultivating international artistic connections and promoting the exchange of ideas and creativity between the UK and East Asia.

Later this month, the British Council will be releasing a new grant opportunity for East Asian artists and creative organisations, the International Collaboration Grants. These grants will give East Asian artists and collectives the opportunity to apply for grants up to £75,000 to support new creative collaborations. Applications for International Collaboration Grants will open in late January with a deadline of 30 April 2024.

For more information about our Connections Through Culture Grants, please visit our country websites.


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