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CUHK Empowers Future Scholars: Transformative Opportunities and Generous Support in MPhil/PhD Studies

HONG KONG SAR 4 January 2024 – In celebrating its 60th Anniversary, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) takes great pride in showcasing its unwavering commitment to research excellence in its postgraduate programmes. With a distinguished faculty of renowned experts and scholars, CUHK pushes the boundaries of knowledge, providing students with unparalleled access to cutting-edge research facilities and resources.

CUHK Empowers Future Scholars: Transformative Opportunities and Generous Support in MPhil/PhD Studies

CUHK’s research postgraduate programmes prioritise research as a core component, empowering students to engage in groundbreaking research that contributes to their respective fields of study. The University’s emphasis on research excellence has been recognized by the University Grants Committee (UGC), which has provided preferential funding to local tertiary institutions for conducting cutting-edge research.

CUHK Leads the Way in Research Excellence

CUHK researchers have been making significant research contributions in various disciplines on local, national and international levels with profound impact. The following showcase some of our distinguished professors with outstanding accomplishments in their areas of research:

In the field of Life Sciences, aiming to solve the global hunger problem, Professor Lam Hon Ming has generated new cultivars of stress-tolerant soybeans that can grow on marginal soils with dry and nutrient-deficient characteristics. Apart from reclaiming the semi-arid lands, this research also helps poor farmers around the world improve their yield and income. Recently, Professor Lam and his team launched the first Hong Kong agricultural research project in space, marking a new milestone in integrating aerospace and agricultural technologies.

Professor Philip Chiu of the Department of Surgery has revolutionised surgical procedures with his groundbreaking innovations in surgical robotics. His work in robotic endoscopy system allows surgeons to perform precise dissection of early GI tumours that can spare patients’ loss of the GI tract with reduced complications and faster recovery. This invention has not only improved patient outcomes but also paved the way for future advancements in the field.

CUHK also actively collaborates with other prestigious universities and research institutes in various research initiatives. Professor Gladys Tang and Professor Felix Sze of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages have partnered with Google (Asia), Kwansei Gakuin University and the Nippon Foundation (Japan) to launch SignTown, the world’s first multi-language online sign language game. Additionally, they have established the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies, the region’s first of its kind, which further enhanced CUHK’s position as a leading hub for research and training in sign linguistics and deaf education in Asia.

With these remarkable researchers at the forefront, CUHK continues to push the boundaries of knowledge and consolidate its position as a global leader in research-driven education.

Financial Support and Postgraduate Studentships

Recognising the importance of financial support in pursuing postgraduate studies, CUHK offers a comprehensive range of financial support options. Full-time research postgraduate students are eligible for an annual studentship of HK$220,320/US$28,250 for the academic year 2023–2024. This studentship is payable throughout the normative study period, providing students with the necessary financial stability to focus on their research.

CUHK also places great emphasis on students’ academic exposure and international collaboration. The University offers various scholarships, including the Reaching Out Award and CUHK Research Postgraduate Student Grants for Overseas Academic Activities, to support MPhil and PhD students in conducting their academic activities abroad. These funding schemes enable students to broaden their horizons, establish global networks, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

Students’ Commitment to Research Excellence

CUHK takes pride in showcasing students’ commitment to research excellence in their respective postgraduate programmes. Through their testimonials, students express their gratitude for the valuable experiences and opportunities provided by CUHK’s research postgraduate programmes:

Aileen RONDILLA, a PhD student in Anthropology from the Philippines, shares her journey at CUHK, expressing, “CUHK and its students have provided me with sufficient resources and an intellectually, mentally, and socially supportive environment to attain my study goal. The multicultural setting at CUHK is an excellent place to pursue a top-notch degree and receive mentorship in professional and academic practice.”

Dr. Ginenus Fekadu MEKONEN, a PhD graduate in Pharmacy from Ethiopia, adds to the testimonials, expressing his appreciation for the friendly and inclusive environment at CUHK. He highlights the deep care shown by the staff for their students at both professional and personal levels. He states, “There is an excellent balance of coursework, teaching, and research that provides for a well-rounded educational experience. The rigorous training at CUHK has laid a solid foundation for my future research career.”

Embark on an Exciting Research Journey at CUHK

CUHK invites motivated individuals from around the world to join its research postgraduate programmes and embark on a transformative journey of academic and personal growth. With its commitment to research excellence, comprehensive financial support, and diverse student community, CUHK provides an ideal platform to nurture aspiring scholars and future leaders.

For more information about CUHK’s research postgraduate programmes, financial support, and admissions process, please visit the CUHK Graduate School’s official website at

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