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A greener world: who takes lead in bringing vitality?

BEIJING, CHINA – 22 December 2023 – From the Adama Wind Power Project in Ethiopia to the Cauchari Photovoltaic Power Project in Argentina, and then to the Mozura Wind Farm in Montenegro, China has shared advanced technologies and solutions with its Belt and Road Initiative partners to carry out a series of clean, efficient, and high-quality green energy initiatives. Indonesia, Iran, and Uzbekistan have all joined this green cause, too.Watch the video:

Across Asia and Europe, green energy has lent vitality to the Netherlands as it cooperates with China to develop offshore wind power resources, building a “blue engine” for sustainable growth. At the Sino-Dutch Far-reach Offshore Wind Power Seminar held in April 2023, 200 participants discussed innovation and showcased their products, exploring the future of high-quality development in the offshore wind power industry.

On the side of the ocean, huge wind turbines produce sustainable energy; across different continents, the Maritime Silk Road bolsters growth, promoting friendship.

Tens of thousands of houses have been empowered by green energy.

In 2017, China’s National Development and Reform Commission and State Oceanic Administration released a document titled “Vision for Maritime Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.”

The “harbor” of Blue Partners is getting stronger. The “ship” of offshore wind energy has undertaken a great mission. The power of nature and technology is integrated and comes into play. Rows of pure white turbines stand tall and imposing, empowering tens of thousands of houses with the magic of wind.

Glorious stories of Silk Road: China and world jointly build green global village with clean energy.

Such efforts have contributed to the low-carbon development of participating countries, creating a new vision of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature in our global village.

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