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BingX Introduces JITO Coin $JTO and Ordinals $ORDI

SINGAPORE – 13 December 2023 – BingX, a prominent digital asset trading platform, has expanded its offerings by adding JITO (JTO) coin to its trading pairs. The JITO/USDT pair was launched on December 7, 2023, with deposit and withdrawal services following closely. This addition is part of BingX’s efforts to diversify its trading options and cater to a wider range of investors. Track the latest JITO price on BingX Trading Platform and App.
Alongside introducing JITO coin, BingX is focusing on the BRC20 Ordinals, particularly the ORDI token. This token, based on the BRC-20 standard and created using the Ordinals protocol, has seen a remarkable surge in value, highlighting its potential in the digital asset market. The Ordi Token’s decentralized nature and unique trading method (sold in batches) make it an intriguing option for investors. Many traders may have trouble finding ways to get into BRC20. BingX offers a quick guide on how to buy ORDI. Alternatively, users can opt to change their USD to BTC on BingX converter.
BingX’s guides on BRC20 Ordinals provide valuable insights into this emerging market, especially considering the Ordi Token’s growth potential in December 2023. By offering both JITO coin trading and educational resources on BRC20 Ordinals, BingX is reinforcing its role as a dynamic and informative platform in the cryptocurrency trading space.
As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the listing of new and promising tokens like JITO on established platforms like BingX is a testament to the dynamic and rapidly growing nature of the digital asset industry.


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