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TRON Founder Justin Sun and TRON Receive Top Awards at Wiki Finance EXPO

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 17 November 2023 – On November 16, at the Wiki Finance Expo held in Sydney, Australia, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, and the TRON network received the annual “Metaverse Navigator Award” and the global “Financial Freedom Ambassador Award” respectively. This is another international recognition for Justin Sun and TRON following their previous award at the Dubai Blockchain Eco Conference on October 25.The Wiki Finance Expo is a platform for leading global financial exhibitions and fintech conferences, with large summits held annually in Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and other locations. To date, the platform has organized 38 financial exhibitions, attracting over 70,000 participants.

The Wiki Finance Expo brought together dozens of renowned industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators, including advisors from the Commonwealth, Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. These experts participated in keynote speeches, roundtable forums, and other forms of discussion to explore the future of financial technology and forex.

As a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field, Justin Sun was invited to deliver a video speech at the summit. He stated that cryptocurrencies, as an important financial innovation, have led us towards a decentralized future. In the past decade, the scale of virtual assets has experienced exponential growth, and this growth is expected to continue.

Justin Sun emphasized that the TRON ecosystem supports the development of inclusive finance through technology, asset liquidity, and industry collaborations. It has fostered the growth of industries such as art, gaming, and media in the Web 3.0 environment. As one of the world’s largest blockchain platforms, TRON will continue to invest in ecosystem development, attracting more developers, capital, and users to participate in building the ecosystem. It aims to incubate high-quality projects and maximize ecosystem and public value. Additionally, TRON will continue to strengthen infrastructure and DeFi ecosystem construction, working towards the goal of achieving financial freedom for the world’s 8 billion people.

Public records show that Justin Sun founded TRON in 2017, and since then, it has become one of the largest public chain platforms globally, with over 190 million users and the largest circulating market for the mainstream stablecoin USDT. In December 2021, TRON achieved complete decentralization and now operates as a community-governed DAO.

In recent years, Justin Sun and TRON have been committed to promoting the development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. They have not only collaborated with various renowned project teams to drive industry advancement but also established precedents by partnering with sovereign nations like Dominica to develop national blockchain infrastructure.

These efforts and achievements have garnered recognition for Justin Sun and TRON from various sources. Prior to receiving the Wiki Finance EXPO awards, on October 25, at the 2023 Blockchain Eco Conference held in Dubai, Justin Sun was honored with the “Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur of the Year” title, while TRON received the “Best Layer 1 of the Year” award. Winning two international awards within a month undoubtedly showcases the strength and status of Justin Sun and TRON in the industry.