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EcoFlow’s 11/11 Specials in Malaysia: Powering Adventures and Homes with Discounts Up to 40%

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA  8 November 2023 – Double 11 (11/11) is coming soon, once again bringing unparalleled deals and discounts. EcoFlow, a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, has joined the fray with promising offers to light up the occasion.
From November 11th-13th, EcoFlow is unveiling a series of exclusive offers on Lazada and Shopee for Malaysian shoppers, with discounts of up to RM1400.
As leaders in sustainable energy, EcoFlow offers a suite of portable power stations (PPS) perfect for outdoor adventures, and reliable emergency backup. EcoFlow’s solutions, including the RIVER 2 Pro and DELTA 2, bring portability, durability, and up to 10 years of daily use capability. These devices are not just lightweight and easy to carry but also feature long-lasting and safe LFP batteries.
For those who love outdoor activities or need dependable power during emergencies, the RIVER 2 Pro is an ideal choice. Available at RM400 off during the sale, this versatile and lightweight device employs advanced X-Stream technology, enabling it to recharge from 0-100% in just 70 minutes – up to five times faster than its peers. It’s an excellent ally for camping, traveling, or powering essential household items.
The DELTA 2, offered at a RM1400 discount, is a must-have for homes that prioritize power reliability, comfort, and eco-friendliness. With an expandable energy storage capacity of 1-3kWh, it supports over 90% of everyday household appliances, including microwaves and hair dryers. The DELTA 2 ensures multiple days of home backup energy, making it a powerful and eco-friendly solution for a variety of needs.
EcoFlow’s offerings this 11/11 are more than just products; they represent lasting, reliable energy solutions suitable for any circumstance—ensuring users invest in their peace of mind.

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