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Software AG redefines enterprise integration to manage growing chaos of connectivity in hybrid multi-cloud environments

New category of integration platform is necessary to help manage sprawling tech infrastructure. Re-positions Software AG as an enterprise integration company

SINGAPORE 25 October 2023 – Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW), is re-defining enterprise integration with the launch of the ‘Super iPaaS’ – a new category of integration platform necessary to meet the changing needs of large, modern businesses. The ‘Super iPaaS’ will help manage the chaos of connectivity caused by rapid digital expansion: a growing and formidable challenge for today’s businesses that current integration tools cannot tackle because they are too focused on only one or two relevant capabilities and cannot handle hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Software AG Headquarters View from Germany
Software AG Headquarters View from Germany

A Super iPaaS helps large enterprises maintain good IT governance while giving them ways to become more agile and productive. In order to do this, it must have five key components, the inclusion of which is what makes the Super iPaaS different from all integration tools that came before. The five capabilities are:

  1. Integrates Applications + Data + APIs + B2B + Event streams.
  2. Enterprise end-to-end hybrid integration: mainframe to cloud.
  3. Global to meet data sovereignty laws yet managed centrally to assure governance.
  4. A common user-interface across all aspects of the platform.
  5. Leverages the power of generative AI to drive agility and productivity.

Software AG fulfils the criteria for the Super iPaaS with its webMethods.io and StreamSets products.

Sanjay Brahmawar, CEO of Software AG commented: “Every company wants to innovate; but every company feels some kind of pain when they try. We are more reliant on data and insight than ever before and yet even the largest organizations in the world are forced to use old-gen tools to try and unlock the true value in their data. We’re here to change that. We’re here with an enterprise integration proposition that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Integrate anything. Anywhere. Anyhow. Businesses don’t have this freedom to operate as they need to today. But they will now, with the Super iPaaS.”

Nicolas Betbeder, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Japan, shared insights on the impact of the Super iPaaS in the region, stating: “Integration helps Enterprises become more productive and innovative by tying their modern and legacy systems like in the case of Komatsu. Our hyprid integration platform brings capabilities that address current enterprise integration challenges. Super iPaaS will facilitate organizations’ long-term objectives of providing delightful experiences to their customers, employees and partners, driving digital transformation and fostering a more connected digital future.”

The Super iPaaS helps organizations find benefits in three key areas:

  • It enables organizations to be more agile: Organizations become able to adapt as quickly as the technology landscape changes and work the way they want. With a unified platform across data and application integration, they get a seamless flow of data so they can make decisions using their data and put them into action immediately. They can develop integrations anyway and anyhow their teams prefer, and then deploy them in any cloud or region in a click.
  • It lets organizations be more productive and get more done: With a unified integration platform, teams need to learn less and can collaborate more. They can build applications and experiences and deploy them as APIs in one motion. It lets business technologists automate workflows using generative AI but manage them centrally to avoid shadow integrations.
  • It gives organizations control to reduce their risk: With centralized control and distributed execution, integrations can run anywhere. With a “single pane of glass” across their integrations, APIs and data pipelines for end-to-end visibility across transactions, organizations have a unified experience for all integrations that delivers complete observability and offers compliance without adding chaos.

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