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Singapore’s AIOX Emerges with a New Fund Focused on Deeptech and Web3


Partnering with X-PITCH 2023

SINGAPORE 26 October 2023 AIOX Apex Angel Fund (AIOX) has stepped out of the shadows, revealing a new venture fund aimed at supporting founders in deeptech and web3. Partnering with the highly anticipated X-PITCH 2023, a global deeptech startup competition, AIOX has entered into a strategic alliance to accelerate the adoption of technology across a broad spectrum of industries.

Marc Lin, Chairman of AIOX
Marc Lin, Chairman of AIOX

“We see immense potential in partnering with X-PITCH. Through X-PITCH’s platform, we want to connect with highly technical founders who are not already within our networks,” said Marc Lin, Chairman of AIOX. “Our goal is not only to invest but also to actively support and nurture startups that have the potential to revolutionize industries through deep tech advancements.”

While the primary focus of the capital will be on startups in deeptech and web3, the firm remains open to exploring investments in other categories as well. During its stealth phase, the team has already made investments across a diverse range of sectors. “We have portfolio companies in real estate, fintech, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, sharing economy, art and content IPs,” Lin added.

In a recent strategic move, AIOX made significant strides into the content (IP) landscape by leading a substantial investment in Singapore’s XM Studio, consequently becoming its largest shareholder. “Our investment in XM Studio marks our first step in creating a robust content ecosystem where technologies of our portfolio companies can be commercialized through real world use-cases,” said Lin. “We believe having exclusive access to the right IPs can be very powerful in driving new consumer trends.”

With the launch of its new fund, the application of new technologies take center stage for AIOX. “We firmly believe that the development of deeptech has the potential to redefine industries,” said Lin, emphasizing their role as a key partner of X-PITCH 2023. “We aim to be early investors in the deeptech movement that will bring paradigm shifts to many different industries.”