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Tiger Fund Management sees strong start with more than SGD 300m in AUM

  • Tiger Fund Management received its Capital Market Services, Fund Management license registered and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in May 2023.
  • Tiger Fund Management has inked a memorandum of understanding with Tiger Brokers (Singapore) and Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) to collaborate on a variety of products and services, including the launch of a money market fund in late 2023.
  • Former Tiger Brokers (Singapore) CIO Mr Jeremy Tan has been appointed CEO of Tiger Fund Management, where he will establish the group’s fund management and wealth management capabilities.

SINGAPORE 14 September 2023 – Tiger Fund Management (TFM), an affiliate of Tiger Brokers (Singapore), today announces its official launch having been granted a Capital Market Services, Fund Management license registered and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in May 2023. At present, TFM has secured over SGD 300 million of assets under management (AUM) and continues to attract keen investor interests.

Leveraging Tiger Group’s technology capabilities and product excellence into a competitive advantage, TFM’s offering will include a range of asset management products and wealth management services to individuals, businesses, and institutions.

“The launch of TFM represents a significant milestone for the Tiger Brokers group, marking its entrance into the fund management space and signifying the progress it has made in Singapore and the wider region,” said Henry Toh, CFO of Tiger Brokers (Singapore). “As part of our long-standing commitment to offering more efficient, innovative and holistic financial services, TFM aspires to deliver exceptional value serving the needs of our clients and capturing growth opportunities in these strategically important business areas.”

In conjunction with its official launch, TFM has also inked a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MOU) together with Tiger Brokers (Singapore) and Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong), a leading securities house providing wealth management service and brokerage business in Asia. The MOU builds upon TFM’s commitment to furthering its relationship with diverse funds and broadening the scope of its offerings. This partnership also marks Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong)’s first-ever collaboration with a Singapore-based fund management firm.

Together, this partnership leverages the combined strengths and trusted brands of the three entities to offer top-tier products and services. A money market fund, managed by TFM and advised by Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong), is slated to be launched in late 2023, aiming to provide customers with liquidity and risk management while potentially offering returns comparable to that of USD short‐term deposits.

Jeremy Tan, CEO of Tiger Fund Management, said: “Our MOU with Yuanta Securities (Hong Kong) paves the way for potential collaborations in the future and puts us in an excellent position to build on everything we have achieved. Looking ahead, we will continue to work together on investment and fund-raising activities for all joint fund launches, starting with the money market fund later this year, and will look into the possibility of establishing other funds in Asia relevant to our clients.”

Before joining TFM, Mr Tan was chief investment officer (CIO) of Tiger Brokers (Singapore), where he was responsible for strategic and tactical asset allocation and instrumental in providing thought leadership market commentaries on the outlook for global financial and capital markets. He also helmed the investment committee for securities and fund selection. Prior to that, Mr Tan was formerly at United Overseas Bank Limited, where he was responsible for managing multi-billion-dollar discretionary global investment mandates for high-net-worth individuals and family offices. He was also involved in fund management for institutional investors for Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation and Harvest Global Investments Limited.

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