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BingX shows possibility as first CEX to launch Banana Gun Token

SINGAPORE 9 September 2023 – BingX, a top copy trading crypto exchange, is showing signs of its strategic plans to bring the Banana Gun project onto its trading platform. This move comes in light of the recent buzz and significant traction that the Banana Gun project has garnered in the crypto community.

In recent days, the crypto community has been abuzz with discussions about the launch of Banana Gun token. This bot project has recently unveiled details about its token economy, airdrop, and token pre-sale, capturing significant attention. Notably, the Banana Gun boasts a vast user base, with most users previously only familiar with bot-type projects like Unibot and Maestro.

While the fervor around Unibot still lingers, Banana Gun has swiftly emerged as the preferred bot for many prominent owners and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Touted as the fastest sniper robot for workers in the TG market, Banana Gun’s rapid rise is evident.

Comparative Analysis: Unibot vs. Banana Gun

A quick glance at the data reveals the potential of Banana Gun:

  • Unibot: Market Cap: Approximately $85 million, FDV: Approximately $85 million, 5% transaction tax.
  • Banana Gun: Approximately $1.3 million (800ETH, 20%), FDV: Approximately $6.5 million, 4% transaction tax.

While Banana Gun might currently trail Unibot in some metrics, its user base is fast approaching that of Unibot. Given the recent pre-sale hype, it’s anticipated that Banana Gun will soon surpass its competitor.

Banana Gun stands out from other trading bots due to its primary focus on sniper openings. It allows users to snipe upcoming tokens or trade issued tokens. With an aim to be the sniper/manual purchase bot of choice on the Ethereum network, Banana Gun has plans to expand to more chains in the future.

BingX’s decision to possibly integrate Banana Gun onto its platform underscores its commitment to offering its users access to the latest and most promising trading tools. By bringing Banana Gun onboard, BingX aims to enhance its platform’s capabilities and provide its users with a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of crypto trading. Find out how to get Banana Gun Presale on BingX Guide, before it’s official token launch.

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