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Bybit Unveils Powerful Passive Income Solutions for Crypto Investors

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 7 September 2023 – Bybit, the world’s third most visited crypto exchange, has released a lucrative suite of passive income products for new users.

To help investors weather tough market conditions, Bybit is offering new users an exclusive 7-day Fixed Term USDT Savings Product with an impressive 15% APR. The yield is doubled at the end of the period with extra bonuses paid in USDT making a total APR of 30%.

This program enhances Bybit’s powerful passive income products, which include savings-style products with high APYs for digital assets. Additionally, there are intermediate-level products such as Dual Asset mining where, every Friday, VIP-level deals are open to all.

Secondly, Bybit has thrown open the door to its exclusive VIP tiers for 50% less than usual. VIP access is now available for new users who deposit $25,000 or more during the campaign period — and they will also be eligible for the VIP-only Fund Pool with a rate of 4.5% APR. This pool also doubles interest accrued at the end of the 30-day period giving a total 9% APR return for new VIPs.

This product comes on the back of Bybit recently revamping its VIP and PRO tiers, lowering its taker fee rates while increasing the maker fee rates to beat rival crypto exchanges. Bybit is currently offering unparalleled value to VIP and PRO clients.

Finally, users who invite friends to join this campaign will earn a 5 USDT bonus reward for each referee. Users can earn up to 100 USDT in bonus rewards for a maximum of 20 eligible referees.

“Bybit was built in the 2018 bear market and we are building even more intensively this time,” said Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO. “To help to our loyal community and users enhance their returns during the current bear market, we are revamping Bybit Earn with simple, safe opportunities to earn yield while waiting for the next bull run.”

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