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Win Metawin and Coca-Cola Unwrap the Magic of Mealtimes in A Heartwarming Film Celebrating Sibling Bonds


Dive behind the scenes with Win in his heartwarming first Coca-Cola® film that peeks into his cherished family moments.

BANGKOK, THAILAND  29 August 2023 – As the excitement brewed amongst Coca-Cola fans and Win Metawin admirers, the long-awaited day finally landed. Coca-Cola® and its ASEAN Brand Ambassador – the enigmatic Win Metawin, finally unveil the heartening online film as a part of their ‘Recipe for Magic’ collaboration. Released today, the film is available for viewers on the official Coca-Cola channels and Win’s Instagram profile. The premise? Exploring the enchanting bonds created when loved ones gather for a meal, complemented by the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola®.


Launched across Southeast Asia – from Singapore to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines – the Coca-Cola ‘Recipe for Magic’ journey is about more than just marketing. It brings to the forefront, the unifying power of shared meals and the authentic connections forged at the dining table, aptly personified by the charismatic Coca-Cola ASEAN brand ambassador, Win Metawin.

This feel-good film casts the spotlight on the importance of family mealtimes in creating and sharing those ‘pause-refresh-and-cherish’ moments – even for an Asian star! The film articulately captures Win’s journey in preparing his very own home-cooked pizza — from meandering through supermarket aisles in search of inspiration and soliciting cooking suggestions from his fans to the moment he surprises his siblings with a mouthwatering, hand-crafted pizza. The story culminates in a beautiful family gathering, over slices of pizza and glasses of Coca-Cola, where laughter and love are the main courses.

Baron Magtanong, Regional Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola Trademark, encapsulates the sentiments, “Our ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign aims to bottle up those precious moments of connection. With Win’s inherent warmth and energy, we’re hopeful that the experience inspires others to explore their very own ‘recipe for magic’, turning mealtimes into priceless memories.”

When it came to deciding what to cook, Win Metawin shared that he was excited to take on board his fans’ suggestions. Win nostalgically reminisces his strong bond with Coca-Cola and pizza, stating: “I have many fond memories that involve me and my siblings, hungrily waiting for a pizza delivery while sharing a Coke. So, fast forward to the ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to recreate those personal moments of happiness. Given how Coca-Cola has been part of many of our family occasions throughout my life, this campaign was truly close to my heart.”

A cherished memory was indeed created as Win got a chance to work with his siblings on the film set sharing, “This was a priceless experience to have all my siblings on set, and in fact, created another unforgettable and treasured family moment etched in my memory, courtesy of Coca-Cola.”

The ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign embodies ‘Real Magic’ – the Coca-Cola global brand philosophy entrenched in the belief that whether it’s every day or a special occasion, moments can become magical and extraordinary experiences when they are enjoyed together. All it takes is combining the right ingredients – good company, delectable food, and an ice-cold, refreshing Coca-Cola drink.

Catch Win on this magical journey with Coca-Cola. For updates and glimpses into more heartwarming moments, connect with us on our official pages: Facebook or at .

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