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Crazy Monkey Cafe Promotes the Healing and Refinement Journey Featured Courses Integrated Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

Renowned mentor holds the helm, the ground-breaking training system facilitates comprehensive development for both individuals and businesses

HONG KONG SAR 21 August 2023 – Crazy Monkey Cafe (“Crazy Monkey” or “the Centre”) recently launched a series of unique training courses aimed at raising human consciousness and promoting all-around growth of body, mind, and spirit. The Centre’s mission is to provide learners with a new vision and perspective on life, career, and interpersonal relationships through healing courses that combine the three major categories of body, mind, and spirit, and to help them achieve personal achievement and comprehensive progress in social life. Crazy Monkey Cafe provides courses including Family Constellation Workshop, I Ching & Tarot experience, Yoga, Zentangle, Consciousness Mapping, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Physical Health Management, etc.


Jeffrey Yip, the founder and renowned mentor of Crazy Monkey Cafe, has over 20 years of professional experience in Corporate Training. He possesses extensive knowledge in the fields of psychology and NLP and holds multiple certifications. Mr. Jeffrey has collaborated with numerous well-known clients, such as Dior, Amway, Tiffany & Co, Mcallan, and L’Oréal, providing them with corporate training programs. He has played a significant role in their corporate team-building and the spreading of corporate culture.

Unlike general team training courses, the unique aspect of the Centre’s corporate training programs lies in the integration of NLP and the three elements of body, mind, and spirit. It provides participants with an extraordinary team training experience by engaging their whole being and guiding them to think positively and cope with life challenges effectively. To accomplish this goal, Mr. Jeffrey collaborates with health expert Alan Wong and Body-Mind-Spirit specialist Phoebe Chung, forming a team that offers a series of distinctly designed courses centred around the holistic improvement of body, mind, and spirit. Crazy Monkey Cafe firmly believes that only with a healthy body and a calm mental state can one achieve growth on a spiritual level and attain a more composed, peaceful, and joyful life.

Mr. Jeffrey Yip, the founder and renowned mentor of Crazy Monkey Cafe, humorously stated that “Crazy Monkey Cafe may be the only place globally that bears the name ‘cafe’ but does not actually sell coffee. The founding intention behind Crazy Monkey was to provide a series of carefully designed, meticulously blended, and attentively crafted ‘healing courses’ for the public who commonly face urban life stresses. These courses combine my expertise in neuro-linguistic programming and psychology with years of accumulated training and practical experience. We offer training programs that are truly beneficial to participants in the realms of physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual exploration. Many students have acknowledged that Crazy Monkey Cafe is an undisturbed land amidst the urban concrete jungle, where they not only learn from a diverse range of courses but also experience extraordinary healing journeys.”

The Centre offers an extensive selection of courses that encompass various areas such as family system constellation workshops, I Ching & Tarot, yoga, consciousness mapping, NLP, and physical health management. These courses aim to help participants achieve balance and progress across different aspects of their lives, empowering them to unleash their full potential. The Centre also provides study sessions that grant learners unlimited access to participate in courses throughout one year. This enables learners to continually grow and develop in a supportive learning environment, maintaining a positive and fulfilling personal life.

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