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Singapore-based Fresver Beauty, a Pioneer in Mud Moxibustion Treatment, Reveals the Ways to Achieve Painless Period

SINGAPORE 18 August 2023 – As a pioneer in Mud Moxibustion Treatment for Womb and Ovary, wellness specialists at Fresver Beauty provide relief to individuals dealing with menstrual discomfort, delivering noticeable results even after the first session. What sets this treatment apart is its exclusive handwork technique and its treatment ingredients, combined with personalized consultations that allow specialists to assess conditions through tactile examinations of the womb area.

Mud Moxibustion for Womb and Ovary

Based on a technique deeply rooted in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Mud Moxibustion has been known as an effective approach to promoting women’s health in the realm of alternative medicine.

Specifically, Mud Moxibustion for Womb and Ovary targets the lower abdomen region, serving as a holistic approach to women’s health. It can be another option to provide natural and non-invasive support for menstrual health, while prioritising the mind-body connection. The treatment also addresses the commonly overlooked “cold womb” condition in females, which if neglected, can give rise to an array of health concerns. As a whole, Mud Moxibustion aims to restore balance and harmony within the reproductive system, potentially benefiting menstrual health by addressing issues like period cramps, irregular menses cycles and cold womb symptoms.

Tailored Treatment for Menstrual Well-being

Fresver Beauty’s Mud Moxibustion Womb & Ovary​ treatment targets women suffering from menstrual problems such as cramps, headaches, and bloatedness. It helps in encouraging healthy menstrual flow, paving the way for enhanced reproductive health.

Apart from this, for those experiencing hormonal imbalance issues, this treatment tackles acne and pigmentation problems resulting from fluctuating hormones.

At the core of the treatment is the strategic application of herbal treatment oil, which activates acupuncture points, including the significant Kāi xuéwèi. Following this phase, a warm mud application comes after, and people will have different body reactions: a cold or spicy sensation, or itchiness which indicate different signals of womb problems. A formulated mud mask, containing natural ingredients like evening primrose, chinese motherworth, ginseng, and dang gui is used to complement the targeted massage technique. With a wealth of experience, Fresver Beauty’s specialists not only enhance womb health but also represent a paradigm shift in women’s holistic healthcare.

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