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BingX launches World’s first 0 slippage BTC Derivatives Trading

SINGAPORE 18 August 2023 – BingX, a copy trading cryptocurrency exchange, is thrilled to announce enhancements to its derivatives trading systems, aimed at meeting the needs of its ever-growing trader community. This strategic upgrade reaffirms BingX’s commitment to delivering good trading experiences and raising its reputation as a cutting-edge platform in the cryptocurrency industry.
Key Improvements include:1. Pin-Point Accuracy for Seamless Trading:

  • No Slippage: BingX now guarantees precision in trade execution, ensuring traders experience no slippage while opening or closing orders. This enhancement provides traders with the exact entry and exit points they desire, minimizing discrepancies between intended and executed prices.
  • Precise Stop Loss and Take Profit: With no slippage mechanism in place, BingX also introduced an advanced mechanism for setting stop loss and take profit levels, allowing traders to exercise complete control over their trades and risk management strategies.

2. Enhanced Leveling Mechanism and Improved Fund Management:

  • Effective Large Funds Management: BingX’s upgraded derivatives trading system offers enhanced fund management capabilities, minimizing the risk of abnormal liquidation during volatile market conditions. This enhancement ensures that large funds are efficiently managed, safeguarding traders’ investments.

3. Seamless Compatibility with Financial Tools:

  • TradingView Signals for Automated Trading: BingX introduces seamless integration with TradingView signals, empowering traders with automated trading strategies based on real-time data analysis. This integration provides an added layer of convenience and precision in executing trades.
  • MT5 Compatibility: BingX now supports MetaTrader 5 (MT5), a widely renowned trading platform. This compatibility expands traders’ choices and access to advanced trading tools.

These improvements come to us live on BingX trading platform as of August 2023. As the crypto market evolves, BingX remains dedicated to providing a secure, seamless, and feature-rich platform that caters to the diverse needs of traders.

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