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Amfuture Expands into Singapore with the launch of SMEs User-Friendly and Affordable Sales & Marketing Solutions

SINGAPORE 7 August 2023 – Amfuture is a company focusing on using private traffic to provide sales and marketing solutions for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. It has a combination of both software and hardware solutions to help companies acquire and manage their customers to achieve business growth.

Recognising the importance of customer satisfaction for local SMEs, Amfuture unveils its expansion plans in Singapore. Backed by prominent investor Parmway, led by Zhang Tao, founder and CEO of Dianping.com, and Eminence Ventures, a strategic partner of Emergence Capital who is known for its investments in renowned technology companies such as Zoom and Salesforce, adds further credibility to Amfuture’s offerings.

“Amfuture’s entry into the Singapore market will be a game-changer for SMEs,” says Judy Huang – Owner of Monkey Shoulder F&B Pte Ltd. “Their user-friendly and affordable solutions address the pressing needs of businesses. Their preinstalled marketing support enables us to acquire customers easily, build strong relationships and drive sustainable growth via Whatsapp. We welcome Amfuture’s commitment to supporting SMEs and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our business community.”

Amfuture’s suite of solutions is designed to aid businesses common problems. They have developed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to assist SMEs across three key areas: Sales & Marketing, Operations and Business Analytics.

Amfuture enables SMEs to leverage a straightforward customer contact generation process through QR code scanning and the Power of Online Marketing Links.

This approach will help to improve businesses’ ads performance and it allows SME’s to experience growth while reducing costs. Ads performance also improved as compared to traditional advertising.

Furthermore, Amfuture integrates ChatGPT, which is powered by Business Intelligence Capability, allowing businesses to craft personalised marketing messages for each customer during the same marketing event, to enhance personal touch.

“Amfuture’s one-stop sales and marketing solutions have transformed our business,” says Alwin Siew – COO of The Quotation Malay Cuisine and Yu Li Canteen Pte Ltd. “With their system, we have significantly improved customer acquisition and engagement. The ability to generate personalised marketing messages has strengthened our relationships and boosted sales. It’s an invaluable tool for SMEs like us.”

In addition, Amfuture helps businesses to analyse customer purchasing preferences and label them individually, thus enabling the personalisation of marketing campaigns and forecasting future business projections. This data-driven approach is utilised to improve upselling and cross-selling through targeted marketing campaigns.

Amfuture is not just a software company, the tools offered include access to their POS system. This onboarding process creates an integrated offline-online system, streamlining business operations and helps to improve productivity.

With Amfuture’s solutions, SMEs can gain access to a cost-effective platform that eliminates the steep learning curve associated with software adoption. Organisations can grasp the skills required in half an hour and carry on their business.

Amfuture’s also provides a customer success team to assist SMEs in fully utilising the platform, help them increase sales and achieve their business goals. From forming standard operating procedures for data collection to improving efficiency and conversion rates, the customer success team guides SMEs step by step to ensure their success.

“We are thrilled to support Singapore SMEs in their customer acquisition journey,” says Lester Raphael Ong, Co-Founder of Amfuture. “Our goal is to empower businesses with user-centric and cost-effective solutions that drive growth and foster exceptional customer experiences. By embracing Amfuture, SMEs can unlock their growth potential and overcome operational challenges while delivering exceptional customer experiences. In the near future, we will be introducing exciting functions such as eCommerce, a delivery platform, and a reservations system, providing even more value to our clients.”

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