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Celebration of Casablanca’s 30th anniversary


Re-launch “Bedding Recycle Program” with Crossroads Foundation

HONG KONG SAR 31 July 2023 – DREAM CASA LOVE CASA – At Casablanca, we are very obligated to society. We believe sustainability and business accomplishment goes in hand in hand. In the near future, Casablanca will focus our community effort on more NGOs in need, and spread the love and warmth around. As long as this year is the 30th anniversary of Casablanca, we decide to re-launch the “Bedding Recycle Program”, which is in collaboration with Crossroads Foundation.


Since COVID-2019 raise the awareness of the hygienic issues in HK, many donation events paused in these years. However, it became better in 2023 and donation affairs started again. As Casablanca is the first organization whose promote the recycling of bedding products in HK since 2019 and received 130 boxes of bedding products to help people in need, therefore, Casablanca and Crossroads decided to re-launch the program. This time we not only aimed to encourage the public to donate their old bedding product to help those in need and raise awareness of “reuse” and “renew” in public, but also strengthen the concept of “donate instead of throwing away”.

There will be 19 spot points for collecting the bedding between on 1st August 2023 to 31st August 2023, which located in our concept stores. Donators could donate any bedding items, not only from Casablanca, we accept all bedding brand products. After the donation, there will be a Casablanca 10% off coupon for the donators. Since Casablanca is very obligated to society, we promised that we will donate HK$1 with 1 share on the promotion Facebook post to Crossroads Foundation apart from the collecting bedding program.

“Bedding Recycle Program” details:

Date: 1st August 2023 to 31st August 2023
Location: Casablanca 19 concept stores

Item that we needed: Pillow case, Fitted sheet, Quilt cover and Quilt

1. Bedding must be 85% in good condition
2. Bedding is not damaged or stained
3. Bedding must be washed before donation

Casablanca appeals to the public to support the Bedding Recycling Program, to replace discard with donations, and to jointly promote environmental protection.