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Forex Forest Founder and Al Trading Expert Wayne Ng Explores Al Developments and Deployment at AWS Global Fintech Summit

HONG KONG SAR 20 July 2023 – Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted its annual Financial Services Cloud Symposium 2023 Hong Kong online on July 20th. As the largest AWS event of the year, the conference was held in multiple countries around the world and attracted over 1,000 top professionals and fintech experts from leading financial firms such as Moody’s and Morgan Stanley. Wayne Ng, founder of Algorithm Trading fintech company Forex Forest, was among the keynote speakers and was invited to promote Algorithm Trading to attendees. Ng, recognized as an authority in Asian program trading, shared insights on the development of AI in finance and emphasized the trend towards AI trading. He also highlighted the significance of AWS cloud technology in the company’s business and the industry’s continued growth.

AI Financial Technology Becomes Mainstream: Investors Enjoy Latest Investment Technology and Insight into Market Pulse

Wayne Ng, recognized as an authority in Asian program trading, emphasized that AI algorithmic trading is currently the mainstream development in global fintech. In recent years, many large fund companies and universities worldwide have been using AI technology to assist in investment decisions. Some funds dedicated to program trading have even emerged. Forex Forest, with its proprietary AI algorithmic trading program, has already been applied to major financial markets, leading the industry in fintech and driving the development of program trading in Asia. The company aims to provide global enterprise trading programs and related professional courses (Education Technology – Edu Tech) based on financial technology, enabling all types of investors, including retail investors, to keep up with market trends and enjoy low-cost, high-precision, and fast-responding trading programs.

Forex Forest’s technology products are different from traditional trading programs in that they use big data technology to receive and analyze real-time trading market information from different countries and multiple aspects. They continuously, quickly, and stably centralize scattered data, capture the patterns that appear in the market, analyze the overall direction of the entire trading market through AI technology, and predict the market trends for the next 4 to 40 hours accurately in milliseconds by observing the impact of fluctuations in various product types on the market. In the past, only private banks, investment giants, and professionals such as fund managers could use and participate in similar program trading. The operation required not only computer knowledge but also the ability to set up servers and even the expertise to write program code. Therefore, the general public could not easily enter this market. However, Forex Forest’s proprietary AI trading program product is helping to popularize and personalize AI trading programs in the investment market, bringing great operational convenience and investment advantages to retail investors.

AWS as an Important VPS Provider Benefiting Financial Technology Business Development and Creating a Win-Win Situation

Furthermore, Wayne Ng mentioned that Forex Forest works closely with AWS, a top VPS provider in the Hong Kong market, to utilize AWS’s stable and fast system around the clock, adjust its computing power in response to market fluctuations, and have AWS host related computing machines. The virtual servers can be set up in different locations around the world under its global network, close to the virtual suppliers of financial institutions, to improve data collection and response speed. AWS servers have self-healing capabilities and stable server services under multiple backups, providing accurate services to investors continuously. In addition, the AWS Landing Zone Service also provides Forex Forest with a highly secure and stable system that complies with information technology regulatory requirements in different regions and countries, enabling Forex Forest to quickly expand its business globally and create a win-win situation with the development of technology and investment in different countries.

Attracting Talents Worldwide and Continuously Innovating AI Models

Amidst the widespread use of AI, Forex Forest stands out for its innovative spirit in financial technology, committed to promoting AI technology and algorithmic trading solutions worldwide. Wayne Ng also revealed Forex Forest’s future vision at the meeting. The company opened a physical office and learning centre in Singapore in April this year, successfully attracting numerous local talents. It plans to continue opening corporate physical offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and other places within this year, recruiting more talents. In addition, Forex Forest is developing and innovating different types of trading strategies and AI strategy models. For example, it is upgrading its education technology in Edu Tech to help users learn and quickly grasp the application of program trading. Forex Forest hopes to help investors easily use the latest program trading technology and AI technology for profitable investments, recruit talents worldwide, achieve corporate innovation, and continue to promote automated trading programs worldwide, bringing the latest AI algorithmic technology to global market investors.

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