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uFinance Student Loan Prioritizes Customer Privacy Allowing Students to Fully Engage in Tertiary School Life

HONG KONG SAR 18 July 2023 – As the summer holidays approach, uFinance, a student loan platform, now provides not only student loans for Hong Kong tertiary school students but also a special university tuition fee loan, aimed at alleviating the financial pressure of Hong Kong university students and solving the worries caused by tuition fees. Unlike traditional banks and financial institutions, uFinance student loans put student privacy first, offering a worry-free loan plan. In addition, uFinance also offers a flexible repayment plan, allowing applicants to repay in advance at any time without any fees.

uFinance Values Customer Privacy, Keeps Loan Records Confidential

According to uFinance’s survey, privacy is the top concern for student loan applicants. Therefore, uFinance puts customer privacy first and will not disclose the applicant’s personal information and loan records to schools or third parties. Generally, letters will not be mailed to student loan applicants; the entire process is conducted over the phone, allowing students to enjoy a worry-free tertiary school life.

Customize Financial Plan, Repay in Advance without Fees

uFinance student loans offer repayment periods of 6 to 48 months to meet the various economic needs of students, enabling them to formulate their own financial plans. Even if applicants choose a longer repayment period, they can reduce interest expenses by repaying early according to their needs. Students only need to repay the remaining principal, uFinance does not charge any fees, and there are no hidden charges in the loan process.

Easy Application Process, Complete Student Loan Application in 5 Minutes

With just a phone, tertiary school students can apply for uFinance student loans online. After filling out basic information and uploading two documents (ID and student ID), the preliminary application can be completed, which is quick and time-saving. After successfully applying for a loan, students can choose to sign contracts and transfer money online without having to show up, smoothly obtaining the loan.

Lowest-interest Tuition Loan for University Students – Introducing the ‘Lowest Interest Guarantee’ in Hong Kong

The application for Grant Loan/Non Means and other government subsidies involves complicated procedures. If students are unable to apply for the assistance or loans provided by the Student Finance Office in time, they will need to pay extra fines for not paying tuition fees on time. To solve the urgent need of university students, uFinance offers a special university tuition fee loan. After completing the application, the loan amount will be directly deposited into the school account, without the loan passing through their hands, to help students pay tuition fees as soon as possible. In addition, the ‘University Tuition Tuition Fee Loan‘ introduces the ‘Lowest Interest Guarantee’ in Hong Kong for the first time, offering the most favorable interest rate in the Hong Kong market (actual annual interest rate 6%). Applicants can choose a tuition loan of $21,050 per semester and can repay it in 6 to 48 months. After receiving government assistance, students can also choose to repay the remaining principal at any time without paying any fees.

Student Loan Information Platform – Preparing Students for Social Challenges

In addition to relieving students of financial burdens during their studies, uFinance hopes that students can obtain more helpful information for their life planning on the platform, such as internship job vacancies, living encyclopedias, and financial information. uFinance believes that the few years of undergraduate life have a significant impact on the future development of students. Therefore, it hopes that students can equip themselves well before entering society to meet future challenges.

In addition, uFinance hopes that students can enjoy campus life without being hampered by financial pressures. Therefore, uFinance sponsors campus events throughout the year, providing product and financial support to various college student associations, so that students do not need to worry about financial restrictions when organizing different activities, such as Ocamp, Oday, and Welfare Week.