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SpeakIn’s arrival in Malaysia to enrich the country’s professional learning

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA 17 May 2023 – SpeakIn, Asia’s largest digital learning platform for professionals, announced scaling its international presence by opening an office in Kuala Lumpur. The Singapore-headquartered company’s presence will help Malaysian professionals take advantage of 1:1 coaching and group learnings sessions from top global experts including CxOs, academicians, politicians and thought leaders to upskill in leadership, innovation, digital transformation and more.

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Commenting on its arrival in Malaysia, Deepshikha Kumar, the Founder and CEO of SpeakIn, said: “Malaysia is indeed truly Asia and we are greatly excited by our arrival in this land of exceptional human talent. We are looking forward to partnering with Malaysia’s progressive organizations and institutions to further strengthen the Malaysian talent pool with global learning that can realize the region’s ambition to build global businesses and products.”

SpeakIn’s arrival in Malaysia will be marked by its flagship series – SpeakIn Open Mic. SpeakIn Open Mic 2023 series is themed on People and everything related to Human Resources across Asia. The Open Mic event will be held, in partnership with Arcc Spaces, on June 8. Arcc Spaces is a network of hospitality and design-led spaces in Asia’s gateway cities.

SpeakIn Open Mic is a successful signature series with events held in Singapore, Delhi and Mumbai. It is an exclusive platform for subject matter experts, HR professionals and everyone connected to the HR ecosystem in Asia to share their stories of success and challenges.

Talking about SpeakIn Open Mic, Ahfaz Ansari, Chief Business Officer Malaysia for SpeakIn said: “SpeakIn Open Mic is known for bringing senior leaders and experts on human resources from across sectors, together for a meaningful dialogue. It gives professionals an opportunity to learn from one another and create solutions to drive positive change in talent management. Open Mic is the first of many opportunities to network with our discerning clients and experts that we will organize in Kuala Lumpur.”

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