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Phoong made an official visit to the SBH Kibing Solar’s manufacturing factory in KKIP

SABAH 13 May 2023 – The Minister of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Sabah, YB Phoong Jin Zhe made an official visit to the SBH Kibing Solar’s manufacturing factory in Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) to oversee the construction status of the factory. The Kibing factory which specializes in the production of solar glass is currently in its advanced construction phase, with progress reaching 50%. It is anticipated to commence full operations by the end of this year.

Once the factory is fully operating, it will create more than 1800 job opportunities in Sabah with 80% employees being Sabahans. Phoong also said he will work together with relevant agencies to attract local Sabahans to return to work in Sabah.

“It has come to my knowledge that Kibing is now lacking many skilled workers. With more high impact investments coming to Sabah, it is time we bring back our young talents that have been working in West Malaysia and abroad,” said the minister.

During the visit, Phoong witnessed firsthand the progress made in the construction of the Kibing factory. Phoong expressed satisfaction with the milestones achieved by SBH Kibing Solar. The visit served as a testament to the Sabah government’s dedication in promoting sustainable development, particularly in the renewable energy sector.

Phoong reaffirmed the state government’s commitment in supporting the construction process of the Kibing factory, recognizing its potential to significantly contribute to the state’s economic growth especially when Sabah is recovering in the post-pandemic era.

During the visit, Phoong also met up with the local workers of the Kibing factory, exchanging ideas on how to further enhance collaboration between the government and the private sector. Discussions centered around the well-being of the employees.

The Ministry of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship remains committed in supporting investment projects that drive sustainable economic growth, promote innovation, and create employment opportunities for locals. The visit to the Kibing factory exemplifies the state government’s dedication to establishing strategic partnerships and fostering an investor friendly environment in Sabah.

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