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7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon Launch “The Taste of Uji Tea” Series: Six Limited-Time Uji Matcha and Hojicha Items Blending Kyoto Tea Artistry to Create Authentic Flavours This Spring

HONG KONG & MACAU 26 April 2023 – 7-Eleven own brand 7-SELECT is once again delighting its customers by teaming up with Ito Kyuemon, the renowned Uji tea specialty brand from Kyoto with over 190 years of history, to bring you the exciting 7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon ‘The Taste of Uji Tea’ series. Experience the authentic flavours of Uji’s matcha and roasted tea with the series’ first wave of six new limited-time items – four of which include soft red beans that bring a hint of sweetness to the rich earthy aroma of matcha. This new range includes the debut of Uji Matcha Toast and Uji Matcha Custard Red Bean Bread. Plus, customers can also enjoy the all-new Uji Hojicha Red Bean Roll Cake, Uji Matcha Cream Puff, Uji Matcha Red Bean Dorayaki and Uji Matcha Red Bean Swiss Roll Cake which all come directly from Japan. This exquisite new selection uses specially selected Ito Kyuemon matcha and hojicha powder and is crafted in the tradition of Kyoto’s tea artistry to bring out the exquisitely fragrant taste of Uji tea. Enjoy the rich aroma and elegance of each delicately crafted new flavour and make every moment one of pure indulgence.


The 7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon ‘The Taste of Uji Tea’ series will be exclusively available at 7-Eleven for a limited time only starting from 26 April. So, head down to your nearest store and experience the unique and authentic taste of Japanese tea this spring!

For product details, please refer to the below table*:

7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon
Uji Matcha Toast ($19)

Introducing our latest creation – Uji Matcha Toast! Made with premium Uji matcha powder from Ito Kyuemon and Japanese flour, this soft and fluffy bread is crafted using traditional Japanese baking techniques. With every bite, you’ll taste a subtle hint of the delicate matcha flavour that will win over any green tea lover.


7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon

Uji Hojicha Red Bean Roll Cake ($16)

Our exclusive roll cake recipe features rich cream infused with Ito Kyuemon Uji hojicha, which has a wonderfully special fragrance. The slightly bitter taste of the hojicha balances perfectly with the sweetness of the smooth cream, bringing out the rich aroma of the roasted tea. Prepare for an exciting new taste sensation that is sure to tickle your taste buds.


7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon
Uji Matcha Cream Puff ($16)

This sweet treat is made to an exclusive recipe featuring a deliciously smooth and moreish Ito Kyuemon Uji matcha cream. The cream has a sweet and lingering tea taste that complements the soft and fluffy choux pastry filled with a rich and creamy custard. Together, they create a mouth-watering delight that will satisfy your sweet tooth!


7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon
Uji Matcha Red Bean Dorayaki ($13)

This authentic dessert is made with carefully selected Ito Kyuemon Uji matcha powder, which is not only blended into the pastry dough, but also used in its luscious matcha cream filling. Paired with a soft red bean paste, enjoy its double-layered filling bursting with a slightly sweet yet rich green tea aroma. This matcha delight is the perfect choice for your afternoon tea!


7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon
Uji Matcha Red Bean Swiss Roll Cake ($13)

Made with Ito Kyuemon Uji matcha powder and Japanese flour, this soft green tea cake has a smooth swirl of rich matcha and red bean cream running through it. It’s absolutely filled with matcha flavour!

7-SELECT x Ito Kyuemon
Uji Matcha Custard Red Bean Bread ($11)

This soft bread bun is made with Ito Kyuemon Uji matcha powder and crafted using Japanese baking techniques. At its centre is a smooth matcha custard and red bean filling, that’s sweet but not heavy on the palate, making it a great choice for a light breakfast or afternoon snack.

* Prices may change without prior notice. The product price at the store shall prevail.


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