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Phoong visited various industrial parks in Sabah

SABAH 27 March 2023 – Minister of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Sabah, YB Phoong Jin Zhe has visited various industrial parks in Sabah since being appointed as the Minister with hopes to clearly understand the challenges of various industrial parks in Sabah to ensure there is progressive industrial development in Sabah.

“Since I took office, I never dared to lay back. I hope to understand all the relevant matters that this ministry is responsible for and time is of essence. We must ensure Sabah moves forward in industrialisation and economic development,” said Phoong Jin Zhe during his visit at the Sandakan Sawit POIC Industrial Park yesterday.

Together present was Tanjong Papat State Assemblyman Datuk Frankie Poon, MP Sandakan Vivian Wong, Deputy Permanent Secretary Benedick Bisoni, Director of DIDR Sabah Tseu Kei Yue and Group General Manager of SEDCO Haizar Razif Hisyam, and related officers.

Phoong shared that the Sawit POIC Sandakan Industrial Park currently has completed its basic facilities and has the potential to attract more foreign investment for manufacturing opportunities, and the park has many potential and opportunities.

“This industrial park is operated by Sawit Kinabalu and as the minister handling industrial development, I am more than ready to assist the park to attract investments. This would also revive the economy of Sandakan and create more decent job

The minister also visited Perkasa Trading Sdn Bhd in Sandakan, which is wholly owned by SEDCO, led by Group General Manager of SEDCO, Haizar Razif Hisyam.

Phoong Jin Zhe also informed the media reporters during his visit that he and the Sabah Ministry of Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship will continue to provide a high degree of cooperation and maintain a close relationship with the management of the Sawit POIC Sandakan Industrial Park to further develop Sandakan and Sabah.

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