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Delaware Singapore To Set The Next Frontier of Enterprise Digital Transformation, New Innovations Await

SINGAPORE  6 March 2023 – With the digital landscape entering its next phase, delaware Singapore has plans to lead the charge in the next stage of digital transformation. With a large focus being placed on low/no code innovations and the development of an automated ecosystem, delaware Singapore is doubling down on its investments in these cutting-edge technologies that will be the leading solutions in the coming years. As such, delaware Singapore is poised to be a pioneer among its peers in the race towards the future of enterprise.

The Low-Code/No-Code Solution

Creating computer applications (Apps for short) is a laborious process. It is an intricate writing of line-by-line code to create programs that serve fixed purposes. Let alone a lack of capacity for easy customisations; a single mistake would cause a complete malfunction and be hard to locate. Low-code/no-code solutions, however, present a fascinating alternative – a modular approach that allows professional developers to quickly build applications by relieving them of the need to write code line by line.

Suffice to say, it is little wonder that the proliferation of low-code/no-code platforms is an opportunity that arose from a lack of skilled software developers. The efficacy and efficiency required to improve turnaround time for developing projects have never been more critical in this fast-paced age.

The Advent of Transformation

As it stands, many enterprises still rely on outdated, manual processes, which can hinder efficiency and organisation as the information is not centralised. What’s more, delaware Singapore has noticed that many of its clients — large enterprises — do not have dedicated data warehouses to manage their information. Moreover, many enterprises utilise multi-product ecosystems, with most of the products being cloud-based. This results in a hybrid landscape with cloud and on-prem applications — which presents a significant challenge when integrating the layers.

Hence, the investment into new technology trends, such as low-code/no-code platforms, will present a momentous change in how businesses manage their information infrastructure. Furthermore, as automation continues to evolve, AI-enabled automation is taking centre stage. This evolution of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will become an essential element that extends into a full suite of hyper-automation processes like workflows, low-code apps, chatbots and AI-based services.

Investing into the Future of ICT Solutions

delaware Singapore’s commitment to investing and exploring the best solutions in the market, is poised not only by the gap caused by the current solutions adopted by its clients but also to bring further value to its clients. An example of a product delaware Singapore is particularly proud of is its DEL20 innovation, which allows clients to experiment with new technology and how it can solve business challenges, as well as unlock new opportunities. The company has also developed a number of in-house IPs, such as Fuse and FAST packages, to accelerate clients’ adoption of low-code frameworks. delaware Singapore is also co-investing with Microsoft and its clients on projects that involve the development and implementation of Microsoft solutions, such as the Microsoft Power Platform. As such, delaware Singapore looks forward to sharing more about its progress and the impact of its investments in the coming months.

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