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33 Years of Glory: Building a Better Future Together with Hantec

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 3 March 2023 – Celebrating its 33rd anniversary on 3rd March 2023, Hantec Group has developed from a financial institution to an established multinational enterprise guided by its customer-oriented and innovation-driven philosophy along the way.

33 Years of Glory| Building a Better Future Together with Hantec | Hantec Group 33rd Anniversary Celebration

Founded in Hong Kong in March 1990, Hantec Group has been pursuing long-term growth with prudence and integrity. In its early days, under the leadership of founder Mr. Tang Yu-Lap, the Group started as an investment company with all SFC financial service licenses, and would later become a listed financial conglomerate. Since 2008, the Group has been actively extending its reach from the Greater China region to the U.K., Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the Middle East, Africa and more. In recent years, the Group has expanded its Southeast Asian business under the “Hantec Financial” brand, striding towards its goal of becoming a leading international financial enterprise with diversified businesses.

Having conquered numerous challenges and obstacles over the past 33 years, the Group has transformed from a financial group to a conglomerate active in the financial, information technology and Culture & Arts and Life sectors. At present, the Group manages over 40 companies across 19 cities that serve 60 countries and regions.

Despite the global political and economic turmoil and the impact of the pandemic in recent years, the Group has embraced the difficult times with confidence. Building upon its strengths in digital technologies and diversified business portfolio, the Group has been able to develop a unique and world-leading Digital Economic industry that helps it open up new development opportunities.

Committed to offering the best financial services since its establishment 33 years ago, the Group will continue to drive its growth and capture business opportunities with innovation, global vision and cutting-edge digital technologies.

About Hantec Group: https://www.hantecgroup.com

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