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Vodafone Business and Lenovo Connect agree partnership to increase connectivity, reliability, and security for customers across Europe

SINGAPORE 1 March 2023 – Today, Vodafone Business announced a partnership with Lenovo Connect to offer a customized global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service that will integrate with Lenovo Connect solutions. This will allow customers with Lenovo smart devices to securely connect to the internet across Vodafone’s global IoT network across multiple countries, starting in Europe.

Lenovo Connect needed a solution that provides their consumers with access to secure connectivity and ensures the company can manage, monitor and securely distribute its content. The service, which initially launches in Spain, will connect over 40,000 devices. It will be available for Spanish customers initially in May 2023, with expansion across Europe thereafter.

As part of Lenovo Connect’s digital transformation journey, the multi-year contract between the two companies will mean customers have secure connectivity on-the-go, accessing the Lenovo Connect App and more on their smart devices. This provides consumers with on-the-go connectivity via a safer and more secure network. To comply with country specific regulations, the two companies have focused on a local communications service model, overseen by a global IoT management and platform. Vodafone Business will be providing a IoT Global Data Service Platform (GDSP) SIM fitted in each Lenovo device, providing platform integration with the Lenovo Connect App.

To achieve this goal successfully, Vodafone Spain customised our global Managed IoT Connectivity platform to manage IoT connectivity in the country. This ensures service compliance with Spanish regulation whilst meeting customer requirements and Lenovo Connect’s ambition of enabling devices to be ‘always connected, connected everywhere’.

The partnership with Lenovo Connect reinforces Vodafone Business’ leadership in IoT connectivity, with more than 159 million IoT SIMs and growing. The European IoT industry is projected to reach $12.3 billion by 2031, having grown 19% from 2022 to 2031, and the partnership will enable customers to maximise the potential of this technology.

Through this collaboration, Lenovo Connect and Vodafone will work together to provide intelligent solutions to help businesses improve their efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in the global market. The partnership aims to create more value for enterprises and promote the development of the intelligent IoT industry.

Established in October 2015, Lenovo Connect is a subsidiary of Lenovo LCIG. The company brings together global connectivity and service resources to create solutions that integrates IoT, cloud, big data, AI, and global service to empower the Internet of Things. Lenovo Connect focuses on two major vertical areas of smart interactive devices and smart connected vehicles, and is actively exploring 5G application scenarios, providing end-to-end IoT solutions for customers, and helping customers achieve digital transformation.

Commenting on the partnership, Vinod Kumar, CEO at Vodafone Business said: “Our purpose is to help organisations digitally transform their business with a unique level of service and expertise. In collaboration with Lenovo Connect, we will deliver a resilient and customised pan-European service for customers built on fast connectivity and greater privacy and security.”

According to Wang Shuai, VP of Lenovo Group and CEO of Lenovo Connect, “Intelligent connectivity is an essential path of the digital and intelligent transformation of modern enterprises. With the rapid iteration of technology, the development of future intelligent IoT will undoubtedly have enormous potential. Lenovo Connect and Vodafone will leverage technology, complementary resources, and platform integration to build higher-quality international intelligent connectivity services to help enterprises embark on their digital and intelligent transformation journey.”