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M1 Limited Singapore Launches All-New, Game-Changing SIM-Only Plan, Maxx, with Maximum Affordability

SINGAPORE 24 February 2023 – M1 Limited Singapore is proud to announce its latest SIM-only plan, Maxx SIMO by M1. The all-new Maxx SIMO contract-free SIM-only plan is set to be a groundbreaking offering in today’s competitive telecommunications market. This new mobile service plan is an affordable solution for customers who want to enjoy the benefits of a top-quality mobile service without paying high prices and not tied down by any contract. What’s more, the plan comes packaged with one of the highest local data for a SIM-only plan, at 100 gigabytes (GB). It also offers 2GB roaming data for use in Malaysia and Indonesia. To commemorate the launch, M1 is having a flash sale for the new Maxx SIMO at S$15 for a limited time.

A Brand New Competitive Offering

Mobile data is a vital part of daily life as there is constant interaction with the digital landscape. As such, Maxx SIMO is poised to be one of the most affordable plans on the market with frills that current competing plans do not offer at the same price. These include unlimited local outgoing calls, unlimited incoming calls, roaming data, a free caller ID SIM plan, and free SIM card and delivery. The Maxx SIMO plan’s 100GB offering is also remarkable; it is guaranteed to remain the same, unlike competing offers that may decrease after a fixed period. The plan comes with 100 free local SMS as well.

Aside from its incredible offerings, Maxx SIMO has an easy activation process. After downloading the new M1 Maxx app, users can register an account and port in their existing numbers. The line will be activated shortly after.

Unlimited Referrals for Friends & Family

Maxx Online customers can earn unlimited S$3 Grab Food vouchers through Maxx’s referral programme. Upon sign-up, Maxx SIMO plan customers can use the unique referral code found in the welcome emails to refer friends and family. Vouchers will be received by the referrer upon a successful sign-up using the referral code.

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