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MDIS International Foundation Diploma Opens Doors to Universities for More Students in Singapore

SINGAPORE 22 February 2023 – In today’s highly competitive job market, possessing a degree has become the expected norm for job seekers. The International Foundation Diploma (IFD) programme at MDIS offers an alternative foundation pathway to progress to a degree-level education, allowing individuals to meet the expectations of the job market.

The International Foundation Diploma programme spans various disciplines and can be explored at the upcoming MDIS Roadshow 2023, taking place at Bugis Junction from 3 to 5 March. With one-on-one consultations available during the roadshow, attendees can learn more about the IFD programme and how it aligns with their educational trajectory.

IFD Programme: An Alternate Path for Education Advancement

The International Foundation Diploma (IFD) programme is designed for individuals who might not meet the necessary prerequisites for their preferred universities. Those looking for an alternative route to degree-level education may consider this programme as a stepping stone to prepare them for the rigours of degree-level education.

By providing a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of various industries, including Business, Engineering, Fashion & Design, Technology, Psychology, Media & Communications, Tourism & Hospitality and Life Sciences, students will not only learn fundamental concepts but also have the opportunity to apply these theories through coursework and practical assignments such as real-life presentations and projects.

The IFD programme also is taught by industry professionals, ensuring students receive real-world insights and practical skills to complement their theoretical knowledge.

Explore More Opportunities at MDIS Roadshow 2023

Prospective students who wish to learn more about the MDIS IFD programme may attend the upcoming MDIS Roadshow 2023. What’s more, the MDIS Roadshow features more than 70 future-ready programmes delivered in partnership with 8 globally-recognised university partners from UK and US, providing students a wide variety of options.

Students who apply during the eligible roadshow period may be entitled to a 100% application fee waiver and an education rebate worth up to S$1,250. These offers come alongside other exciting highlights, including a spin & win, lucky draw, limited roadshow goodies, and many more. Those keen are highly encouraged to register their interest to secure their spot for the roadshow.


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