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Kenanga Investors Sweeps Five Awards At 2023 Best of the Best Awards by Asia Asset Management

Wins Malaysia Best Impact Investing Manager, Malaysia Best Equity Manager, Malaysia CEO of the Year, Malaysia Best House for Alternatives & Malaysia Most Improved Fund House

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA  21 February 2023 – Kenanga Investors Berhad (“Kenanga Investors”) has received five awards at the 2023 Best of the Best Awards by Hong Kong-based Asia Asset Management (“Awards”). The company was recognized for its exceptional performance in a number of categories, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.

Kenanga Investors received the following awards:

  • Malaysia Best Impact Investing Manager
  • Malaysia Best Equity Manager
  • Malaysia Most Improved Fund House
  • Malaysia Best House for Alternatives

In addition, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Datuk Wira Ismitz Matthew De Alwis was named Malaysia CEO of the Year, marking this the fourth year that he has received this prestigious award.

The firm excelled against a backdrop of reduced trading activities and prolonged turmoil due to a degree of volatility over the last two years to win the Best Impact Investing Manager and Best Equity Manager titles once more. “Our long-standing investment strategy of bottom-up stock picking ensures that we select quality companies with robust financial fundamentals. Ultimately, a sustainable company is one that produces strong results when measured using traditional financial measures as well as ESG considerations”, says Datuk Wira De Alwis.

This year also marks the fourth year that the fund house has been awarded Best House for Alternatives. Datuk Wira De Alwis explains that the firm’s overarching investment philosophy dictates that differing investment objectives require tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each investor. “We are pleased to be recognised for our efforts in providing our clients with a diversified investment portfolio that offers opportunities for long-term capital growth and stability. We are confident that our position within the alternative space continues to provide immeasurable value to our investors, enabling both retail and institutional investors to capture market opportunities in a volatile environment especially when the pandemic, coupled with the unrest in Europe, has accelerated the need for technological advances”, he says.

The fund house’s focus on diversification and sustainability is further demonstrated by the expansion of the Kenanga Sustainability Series, a suite of multi-asset class products, first introduced in 2021, which are rooted in sustainability considerations to advance long-term financial growth and to generate social financial value for surrounding communities. “In line with this, we aim to continue meeting the diverse demands of our investors by focusing on offering wealth protection solutions, such as insurance and private trust, to help preserve and grow investors’ wealth”, says Datuk Wira De Alwis.

On its win as Most Improved Fund House this year, he explains “Our ascent to being recognized as one of the leading asset and wealth management firms in the industry is the result of a well-executed approach that combined strategic acquisitions and product expansions with a focus on cost-saving initiatives”. The fund house leveraged existing resources and grew its distribution network as part of its multi-product and multi-segment strategy which has driven customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as robust growth in its assets under administration.

The Malaysia Best Impact Investing Manager award recognises a firm’s success in deploying impact investing strategies in either public or private markets to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside sustainable financial returns.

The Malaysia Best Equity Manager award is in recognition of the success of the fund house’s equity products within Malaysia’s domestic market given the challenging trading conditions and its abilities in capturing potential growth opportunities.

The Malaysia CEO of the Year award is in recognition of the CEO’s overall achievements, performance of funds, increase of assets under management and their demonstration of leadership in the market.

The Malaysia Best House for Alternatives award recognises the firm’s achievements in growing the alternatives market, its performance record and its growth in client base.

The Malaysia Most Improved Fund House award recognises a manager’s strong financial performance by growth in revenues and profits in the past two years.

AAM is the world’s longest-running publication focused on Asia’s institutional asset management and pension fund industry. Its Best of The Best Awards recognises the finest performers in Asia from financial services companies and institutional investors to service providers whose influence and excellence expands beyond borders.

For more information about Kenanga Investors, please visit www.kenangainvestors.com.my

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