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Etiqa Insurance Singapore extends official partnership with NATAS in 2023 to bring continued peace of mind for travellers

SINGAPORE – 13 February 2023 – Etiqa Insurance Singapore, a leading general and life insurer, today announces its continued sponsorship of the 2023 National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) Fair from 24 to 26 February as its Official Travel Insurance Partner, bringing greater peace of mind to travellers by offering up to 35% discount on travel insurance products.With the relaxation of travel restrictions, some 90% of Singaporeans surveyed in a study are heading overseas to enjoy a restful break. With the inconvenience of pandemic restrictions still fresh on their minds, having a good insurance policy will help ease any uncertainties and guard against unexpected circumstances that might crop up along the journey.

“Etiqa Insurance Singapore is proud to continue our partnership with NATAS as Official Travel Insurance Partner for the upcoming NATAS Fair 2023. With most border policies now stabilised, we expect this year’s turnout to be as strong as last year’s. This is the largest travel fair in Singapore and we want to be present here for all the travellers as they deserve a protected, worry-free holiday,” said Raymond Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Etiqa Insurance Singapore.

As NATAS’ Official Travel Insurance Partner, Etiqa will be offering attractive deals at its booth, including 35% off Tiq travel insurance or Travel Infinite and free popcorn at the booth.

They will also be able to enjoy gifts according to the premium amount spent:

Premium Amount Spent Sign-Up Gift
S$50 to S$100 Utility Pouch
S$101 to S$150 Collapsible Water Bottle
S$151 to S$200 Featherlite Foldable Travel Backpack
S$251 and above Travel Adaptor

Visitors to NATAS Travel Fair 2023 are invited to visit Etiqa Insurance Singapore’s booth at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 Booth 5H33 to learn more about Tiq Travel Insurance and Travel Infinite, as well as to participate in the exciting line-up of promotions during 24 to 26 February 2023.

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