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Bowtie Offers Health Check-ups Discount to Encourage Preventive Care

When it comes to health, prevention is better than cure

HONG KONG SAR 10 February 2023 – Living a modern busy lifestyle, the majority of Hong Kongers lack healthy dietary and exercise habits that may pose severe health risks. Not to mention most chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases rarely show symptoms at the early stages, which can be a crucial factor in patient delay. As prevention is better than cure, Bowtie’s selected VHIS customers can enjoy annual health check-ups which covers blood pressure, liver and kidney function tests, uric acid tests, blood tests and more.

70% is Lack of Routine Health Screening Habits

According to the 2020-22 Population Health Survey Report recently published by The Department of Health, among persons aged 15 or above, only 30% have received regular body check-ups, more females (31.1%) than males (28.8%) reported having done so.

Across all age groups, persons aged 85 or above had the most frequent regular health screenings, still, only 44.4% in that age group had routine medical checkup.

Body Check Helps Identify Illness at Early Stage

Although most Hong Kongers do not attend health assessments on a regular basis, it plays an important role in maintaining good health. Most chronic diseases such as cancers, heart diseases and diabetes can be diagnosed via health assessments, which is not only conducive to avoid worsening of health problems, but also helpful to enhance recovery.

Nonetheless, given that there has been an increased chronic disease prevalence among the younger generation, young people should ever overlook the importance of regular medical check-ups. Take diabetes as an example, the average age at diagnosis of diabetes has been pushed up from 50 to 30, whereas that of complications has been moved from 60 to 40. Since people can suffer from prediabetes for years without any symptoms, regular health screening can help to identify the illness at an early stage, allowing patients to have the best chance for successful treatment as early as possible.

Bowtie Offers Medical Checkup Discount for a Win-win

As the client’s trusted health partner, Bowtie not only offers the “just-fit” medical protection through insurance, but also encourage early health management by providing selected VHIS customers with a “Medical + Healthcare Wellness Package”’, an annual health examination (Worth HK$2,720) is included.

Established in July 2021, Bowtie & JP Health has been providing medical checkups that covers the below items to over 1,300 customers:

  • Eye Examinations
  • Cardiac Examinations
  • Blood Analysis
  • Renal Function
  • Liver Function
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Lipid Profile
  • Urine Routine Examination
  • Stool Test

With regular medical assessment, Bowtie believes customers can keep closer track of their own health, hence, lowering the risks of serious problems. Most importantly, healthier customers means a relatively low-risk pool as well as lower claim rate, Bowtie can thus have greater room for bringing down the premiums, creating a “win-win” situation.

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