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Pro Bono PAP Tests – Osler Health International is Helping Domestic Workers Fight Cervical Cancer

SINGAPORE, 9 January 2023 – Osler Health International is delighted to announce the ongoing support of foreign domestic workers through its pioneering ‘Osler Giving Back’ programme. Osler Health International is a primary care family GP clinic opened by Singaporean doctors in 2020.

Putting ethics at the heart of its healthcare business, Osler Health provides pro bono cervical cancer screening (PAP) tests to the domestic helpers of their patients. PAP tests are the best way to protect women from cervical cancer.

Also known as a ‘silent killer’, cervical cancer often produces no signs or symptoms in its early stages. It is the second most common cancer in women, and is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers in women between age 35 and 44. Regular PAP tests are fundamental to early detection and treatment.

Cervical cancer numbers have been on the decline across countries across Europe and in the United States, but remain high in less developed countries. The reason is simple: women from less developed countries typically have limited information about cervical cancer screenings and, more importantly, less financial access to regular PAP testing. Whilst domestic workers receive mandatory health check-ups every six months, PAP tests are not a requirement.

The doctors at Osler Health aim to bridge that gap by offering free PAP test clinics to their patients’ domestic workers. They run approximately 4 clinics each year, testing and protecting multiple women. Osler Health covers all the expenses including clinic costs, laboratory costs and the doctor’s time. It is free of charge to the foreign domestic workers and their employers.

Dr Foong Tsin Uin, co-founder of Osler Health International says, “Part of our ethical approach to medical care means we care for everyone. Many domestic workers are not knowledgeable about cervical cancer and often their age demographic puts them in a higher risk bracket. As a family clinic, we recognise that many domestic workers are part of the family they work for, and it only seems right that we do what we can to support their health needs too.”

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