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Tia goes back to the beginning of her journey, was it just a dream?

Episode 5 of “Goodbye Princess” animation series ” Temptation Apple ” – Will the princess accept the prince’s kiss?

HONG KONG SAR, 28 November 2022 – In the fifth episode of “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation series, Asian global fashion icon, C-pop singer, film and television actress — Tia Lee (Tia Lee Yu Fen) takes a bite on the apple given by the magical mirror. She, then, has been returned to the depths of the sea and back to the beginning of her Journey, was it just a dream? With the 6-part series drawing to a close, stay tuned as the plot continues to challenge your imagination. The viewership figures of the “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation and motion images MV pre-release campaign series has scaled new heights, with almost 90 million views to date.

In the fifth episode, Temptation Apple, after the handsome prince kneels down and declares his love for the princess in the previous episode, they are now dancing inside the castle. She takes a casual glance outside the window, but discovers that the dazzling light that has drawn her to this adventure is drifting further and further away. She runs down the spiraling staircase inside the castle without the prince. She is led into a room, where the magical mirror awaits and reflects her “past life” as a carefree mermaid who swims in the sea happily. The magical mirror then hands her an apple, and she takes a bite without hesitation. The handsome prince follows, but he is not quick enough to stop her in time. When the princess opens her eyes again, she has been returned to the depths of the sea. The television set shows images of the handsome prince holding the unconscious princess, trying to revive her with the kiss of life.

Then the Temptation Apple” poster, released on 26 November, told Tia’s followers more about this episode:

1. The magical mirror that never lies makes an appearance, re-connecting Tia with reality.

2.The bite of the apple changes the princess’ life. For better or worse, it is her own choice to make.

3.As the princess returns to the setting of the first episode, in the depths of the water and with the old television set, was everything she experienced just a dream?

The fifth set of motion images and still photography for “Temptation Apple” was released today together with Vogue Hong Kong, showing Tia in her Prakakaas hook and Poem skirt, looking curiously into the magical mirror.

Will the princess wake with the handsome prince’s kiss of life? Expect an unexpected ending in the finale of this “GOODBYE PRINCESS” animation series.


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