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Drummin’ Your Way to Fitness

Fitness Drummin’ Championship 2022. Photographer : Azuddin

The Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM), a sports and fitness organization held their first Fitness Drummin’ Championship at Subang Parade in Subang last Saturday. The inaugural championship was held after a 2-year hiatus due to Covid 19 lockdown. WSFFM’s envisioned to educate and to encourage the public especially women to exercise and embrace fitness as a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Fitness Drummin’ Championship 2022. Photographer : Azuddin

If you are wondering what Fitness Drummin’ is all about, you have been missing something exciting from your exercise routine.

Fitness Drummin’ is a form of fitness activity combining the elements from aerobic and a traditional musical instrument synonym with the Malaysian which is the kompang. This made in Malaysia exercise was first launched at Subang Parade in 2017.

Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Prof. Dr. Shariffa Sabrina Binti Syed Akil.
Photographer : Azuddin

According to its President Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Prof. Dr. Shariffa Sabrina Binti Syed Akil, the reason why she opted for a mixed of modern aerobics and the traditional kompang is because of her belief that Malaysian can create a fitness technique that is on par with the other countries without neglecting the Malaysian attributes. She is also confident that many other Malaysian’s instructor can produce original fitness exercises and not just promoting from outsiders.

This is a whole-body routine added with the drumming of the kompang following the rhythm and suitable choreography. So, if you think you enjoy music especially drumming your steps away, you will find Fitness Drummin’ suitable for you as a workout routine.

WSFFM also have another exercise program called Stick2Stix which has received recognition from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Due to its success, WSFFM has been invited to join Fit Malaysia event in the whole country for two consecutive years. They have also been invited to conduct Stick2Stix workshop organised by the government agencies, private sectors and under NGOs.

Fitness Drummin’ Championship 2022. Photographer : Azuddin

The Fitness Drummin’ championship event on last Saturday is a testimony that this exercise has its own followers. According to Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Prof. Dr. Shariffa Sabrina, they received participations from 20 groups for the tournament. But due to the original schedule clashed with the election week, some groups have pulled out due to other commitment after it was rescheduled to last Saturday.

The public event program is hoped to foster a more active community to enjoy working out and having fun while doing it. It is one of the reasons why she has created different kind of exercises to avoid people becoming bored with the same routine, according to its President. It is also getting harder to get people to exercise now, with so many gadgets for entertainment and online streaming platforms. People tend to stay indoors and not exercising. It is one of WSFFM’s aim to get people to embrace exercise as a lifestyle and to take care of their health.

As exercise is for all walks of life, Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Prof. Dr. Shariffa Sabrina is looking forward to collaborate with the government, for example with the Ministry of Sports to come up with more initiatives for the people. This is to alleviate the financial burden faced by the NGO in promoting such event.

Taking cue from the rising cost of living, the prizes offered in Fitness Drummin’ championship is attractive with RM5000 for the champion, followed by RM3000 for the runner up and there were monetary prizes offered up to the fifth place. This lucrative prize attracted participants and at the same time reflects the current standard of living.

Madam President has also voiced her opinion to get more ministries and NGOs working together. A well-known NGO persona herself, she said NGOs were established because of their love for the country, and of course it is about check and balance. This is because NGOs reflects the true voice from the grass root. It is important for the government and NGO to work hand in hand as NGOs are the movers that shape the ideas and causes.

She also believes that cleaner environment is also important for a healthier lifestyle. It is interconnected and important for the sake of the people and the nation.

Ushering the new Malaysia’s leadership, Puan Sri Sabrina shared her best wishes and congratulates both Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his wife Datin Seri Wan Azizah. She hopes that they will be the best example of leader that Malaysia deserves. Hoping for a cleaner and a successful Malaysia!


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