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Tia Lee Deletes All Instagram Photos, Puts up Mysterious Square Grid on Instagram

HONG KONG SAR, 7 November 2022 – Having kept a low profile since wishing her fans Happy New Year on Instagram in February, Tia Lee, Asian fashion icon, pop singer, film and television actress, has recently returned to her IG.

However, her loyal followers are disappointed – not to see any new photo of Tia. Instead, she has deleted all her posts and uploaded a mysterious black six-square-grid with a dark-blue strike through the middle! What does all the deletion mean? And why the dramatic strike through on the grid? Tia’s profile icon was also replaced with a broken tiara?

For the past three years, Tia has kept herself out of the spotlight and away from the public eye. Before this shocking deletion on Tia’s IG, she may have been immensely disappointed by all the negative news surrounding the announcement of her new single ‘Goodbye Princess’ release at the Golden Melody Awards 2022 in July. Since then, she has disappeared from the entertainment and fashion scenes. Is this the trigger for her latest move on IG?

All of these have sparked widespread speculation about her next move.

“Tia is finally updating her Instagram! Is it a comeback? Why all the posts disappeared” “What happened Tia” “When are you releasing a new song, is this a new teaser or what? Goodbye Princess “It has been quite some time since your last song, miss you so much, looking forward to seeing your new release” “I love you, my girl welcome back!! Have been waiting for your appearance for so long already! I miss ya so much” “Your new song was on Golden Melody Awards…. Very brainwashing indeed!” …. Fans are going wild with speculations!

Yet, there has been rumour saying Tia was spotted in Bangkok, working on her upcoming project. If this is true, then followers of Tia should be seeing Tia again very soon!

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