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Circuit des Yeux (Haley Fohr) has released a new single and video taken from her Matador Records debut, -io, out October 22nd. ‘Vanishing’ is Circuit des Yeux at her most all-consuming, with driving strings that border on Bond theme leading to a howling chorus refrain, with Fohr’s sonorous 4-octave voice at center stage. The self directed video for ‘Vanishing’ sees Fohr veering between different personas and backdrops, channelling the multifaceted drama, absurdity and apocalypse which underpin the album.

Fohr says:

Vanishing is an account of climate change and loss through the final stage of grief.

In this video I embody our evolving consciousness toward Earth and its health by representing four characters.

Lemonade Lady is the evasive optimist who is unwilling to acknowledge her changing surroundings.

Prepared Weather Person is the anxious prepper; ready for the worst and isolated by fear.

The Mortal Sufferer gets blown away in a field and serves as evidence that us corporeal beings are at the behest of our environment.

And Worm Girl personifies the stoic reality that all things human undoubtedly decompose in time.

Circuit des Yeux has also announced European and North American tour dates for 2022. The live band, consisting of Fohr (vocals, guitar, sampler), Ashley Guerrero (drums), Andrew Scott Young (contrabass) and Whitney Johnson (viola), will be joined on select dates by a string section. This includes a special performance at the Barbican Centre’s Milton Court Concert Hall accompanied by a quintet of soloists from the London Contemporary Orchestra on April 6th. A full list of dates can be found below.

‘Vanishing’ follows the videos for previous singles ‘Dogma’ and ‘Sculpting The Exodus’. The latter sees Fohr descending in slow motion from a series of -7’ free-falls, for which she trained with stunt coordinator Talin Chat (The Mandalorian).

-io is the sixth album by vocalist and composer by Circuit des Yeux. A celebrated figure in Chicago’s music community, she has released acclaimed albums via De Stijl, Thrill Jockey, and Drag City and toured throughout the world. However, -io is Circuit des Yeux’s most ornate and elaborate work to date – a set of compositions that nest Fohr’s otherworldly four-octave voice amid a 24-piece string, brass, and wind ensemble. The album was put to tape last fall by Cooper Crain at Chicago’s Electrical Audio studio and mixed by Marta Salogni (Bjork, Holly Herndon) with Fohr acting as arranger and producer. Written in the wake of personal loss and recorded in the midst of the pandemic, -io maps a geography of grief – a place where “everything is ending all the time.” While Fohr’s music has never been short on ambition, these songs are striking in their brilliance and strangeness. On -io, Circuit des Yeux has delivered a work that is vivid, immense, and fully illuminated. 


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