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10 Must-Try Japanese Snacks at Pavilion KL ’s Tokyo Street!

If you have a sweet tooth or if you ’re a certifiable snacker, this article is perfect for you! The best Japanese snacks is a highly discussed topic among Asian food lovers, and we are here to countdown our favourite Japanese treats in conjunction with Tokyo Street’s 10th Anniversary.

Explore our top picks of the most mind-blowing treats and where to get your hands on them in the award-winning precinct.

#1 Meiji Macadamia Nut Chocolate

Image Source: Shojikiya

Meiji Macadamia Chocolate has always been one of the most popular chocolate treats among the Japanese. Enjoy the natural sweetness of the macadamia nut coated in a layer of rich chocolate – it certainly makes a heavenly combination!

Location: Shojikiya, Level 6, Tokyo Stree

#2 Yukimi Daifuku

Image Source: Ichi Zen

Yukimi Daifuku combines our love of ice cream and mochi to make a spectacularly delicious sweet snack! The outer mochi skin is soft and chewy, with a subtle sweetness, paired beautifully with the indulgently creamy vanilla ice cream filling.

Location: Ichi Zen, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#3 Nissin Cup Noodle Big

Image Source: Shojikiya

Nissin Cup Noodles have been warming hearts and bellies all around the world! The popular instant noodles are springy, chewy, and bathed in a rich soup with high quality ingredients to produce a flavour bomb in a cup! Choose between the Curry, Shoyu and Seafood flavour, or try them all!

Locations: Shojikiya, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#4 Tohato Caramel Corn

Image Source: Jaf Food

This light and airy corn snack is flavoured with a delicate touch of caramel, giving it just the right amount of sweetness. The peanut pieces usually make their way to the bottom of the bag, so that the nuts can be savoured with the remaining caramel corn dust. Delicious!

Location: Daiso, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#5 Yuzu Sorbet

Image Source: Okonomi By Tokyo Don

Indulge in a refreshing Yuzu Sorbet for a cooling mid-afternoon snack! Savour the bright tart, unique citrus flavour that transports your taste buds to Japan.

Location: Okonomi By Tokyo Don, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#6 Mixed Ice-Cream (Noukou Matcha & Houjicha)

Image Source: Matcha Hero Kyoto

Savour the velvety smooth texture of the ice-cream as it melts in your mouth. The contrast of the Noukou Matcha’s mild sweetness pairs perfectly with the roasted aroma of the Houjicha icecream, which is made with high-quality green tea imported from Japan!

Location: Matcha Hero Kyoto, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#7 Bourbon Aji Gonomi

Image Source: Shojikiya

If you’re looking for something healthy yet sumptuous, Aji Gonomi’s assorted rice crackers is the way to go! Snack on six different flavours of rice crackers, from beans to anchovies, all in one packet!

Location: Shojikiya, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#8 Tarami Jelly

Image Source: Shojikiya

Tarami jellies are sweet and refreshing, perfect for perking up your palate. Enjoy slices of juicy fruits within the glass-like jelly, making this snack even more enticing!

Location: Shojikiya, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#9 Snow Cracker

Image Source: Daiso Malaysia

Snow crackers feature a salty round rice cracker topped with a sweet, milky white frosting. Its unique combination of sweet and salty, with a light and airy crunch makes them delicious on its own, but also great as an accompaniment to other dishes. If you’re feeling adventurous, snack on these crackers by dipping them into an ice-cold glass of fresh milk!

Location: Daiso, Level 6, Tokyo Street

#10 Peeled Chestnuts

Image Source: 1Source

These peeled roasted chestnuts have a natural sweetness and a texture that is firm but not crunchy. It is a healthier choice for a snack that is comforting and hearty. For the best snacking experience, heat the chestnuts in the microwave to enjoy them warm and extra toasty!

Location: Daiso, Level 6, Tokyo Street


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