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Second phase of #JOMTEKSI initiative has been announced


PUTRAJAYA 13 December 2019 – Touch ‘n Go eWallet has announced the second phase of its #JOMTEKSI initiative today which sees several new programmes being introduced.

Among the programmes introduced are:

  • Refurbishment of five (5) taxi stands within Putrajaya and Cyberjaya area. The refurbished taxi stands are located at Putrajaya Sentral, as well as D’Pulze, Tamarind Square, Shaftsbury Square and in front of LimKokWing University in Cyberjaya. Through the refurbishment, Touch ‘n Go eWallet hopes to encourage the public to use the designated areas to hail for taxis. In addition, Touch ‘n Go eWallet takes a step further by providing a modernised touch to the taxi stands – each of the stands will be equipped with USB ports and solar panels! The USB ports are a standard must-have for digital-savvy passengers looking to keep their mobile devices charged, while the solar panels are used as a source of clean, green energy to power up the USB ports and lights up the taxi stands at night. The lights will give an added safety measure for its passengers.
  • Ambassadorship programme for taxi drivers:
    • The ambassadorship programme under #JOMTEKSI has increased its intake to include 22 taxi drivers. 
    • Through the programme, the taxi ambassadors are encouraged to recruit as many taxi drivers to be on-boarded to the #JOMTEKSI initiative as well as educate their passengers to use the Touch ‘n Go eWallet as a digital platform for payment transactions. 
  • Under the #JOMTEKSI programme, the 22 taxis belonging to the #JOMTEKSI ambassadors will also be equipped with 4G Wi-Fi connectivity, supported by YES 4G. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative made available for taxi services in Malaysia, which enables street-hailing to become more on-demand and to provide an improved overall passenger experience. 
  • This #JOMTEKSI initiative also introduces car grooming services, exclusively made possible with CARS International, the expert in car-beauty services. Taxi drivers are able to upkeep and maintain their cars including car wash, waxing and polishing. Touch ‘n Go eWallet will provide taxi drivers with an allowance to maintain their cars, and they can visit any CARS International outlet to receive car grooming services. Realising the need for taxi drivers to upgrade their knowledge, Touch ‘n Go eWallet organises training sessions on car maintenance and basic technical know-how. The courses are designed to assist in upskilling the taxi drivers.  
  • Other than the 22 #JOMTEKSI ambassadors, there are now more than 6,000 taxi drivers in Malaysia who have opted top adopt Touch ‘n Go eWallet as a cashless payment method. Through #JOMTEKSI, each of these taxi drivers will earn an additional incentive of RM4 for each passenger that uses Touch ‘n Go eWallet to make payment for the first time. Three of the top-performing taxi drivers who earn the most will stand a chance to win a trip to China and experience the cashless society there. 

“The taxi industry is currently facing a digital evolution, and it is happening fast. This presents us with the opportunity to be present where our users would be, by making lives more convenient, and that includes having a faster and seamless mobility experience for the rakyat. As the partner in Malaysians’ transportation journey, we look at the#JOMTEKSI initiative from two perspectives. Firstly, is to provide an additional mobility option that is cashless, accessible and safe for our users. Secondly, we want to drive a broader, more inclusive financial platform that will benefit taxi drivers and passengers alike. These programmes that we introduce today will be the first of many steps that we will take to cultivate an inclusive, robust taxi industry.” said Ignatius Ong, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd.

Users will receive a RM3 cashback of the overall fareif payment is made via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet to any of the 6,000 #JOMTEKSI drivers. The cashback promotion is applicable to any destination within Malaysia and is available beginning from 9 December 2019 until 8 June 2020.

#JOMTEKSI initiative is supported by the Sepang Municipal Council, Perbadanan Putrajaya, Cyberview Sdn Bhd, and The Land & Public Transport Agency (APAD). For any taxi driver who wants to become part of the #JOMTEKSI community, they can connect with #JOMTEKSI’s on-boarding partners, namely Koperasi Pengangkutan Putrajaya & Cyberjaya, EzCab, PicknGo and Taxi Comfort.

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