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In pursuit of happiness… and peace to the world.

No, I wasn’t involved in any war or world conflict. But on personal level, life is constantly moving, and I feel like I’m running with the time. It was a busy month indeed. I was trying to be everywhere at once, but in the end, my body natural defence took over by giving me the flu! My kind of putting a halt to a busy life? You can say so.

But I am glad that a lot of amazing thing happened last month. For one, I got to become treatment model for Ava+ Skin Laser and H2G Hair treatment. I’ve always kept a pretty simple skincare regiment, but I can’t deny that I want to look better. When I found out about the offer, I’m excited and from my survey about the brand, I knew it is something that I want to try. H2G Scalp Expert is a hair treatment range from Korea, and came from the same brand management group, which is Kiseki Marketing. I’ve experienced hair loss and was trying a couple of products to save the long locks. I’m going to give it a try, definitely!

I’ll be sharing more information about Ava Skincare and H2G from time to time, and yours truly will be sharing user experience’s drama . There’s also some exciting program that we are going to work on to spread information about these fabulous products. A special thanks to Ms Fiona Gan and her amazing team for trusting me to work on this.

The next surprise came all the way from UK and it was from Yogichi. It came in pairs of lovely cotton leggings, yoga tops, yoga capris, workout jumpsuit and yoga vests. I’ve tested the legging and the top for workout and it is so comfortable it feels like second skin. I’m already thinking of pairing it with a nice top for dance class as well. Why I love this? It is because it is beautiful and stylish activewear and it fits me! Talking about finding a plus size clothing without breaking the budget. Feel free to view their online catalogue at https://www.yogichi.co.uk/.

Till then lovelies, take a good care of yourself. Remember, be your own kind of beautiful.


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